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  • Wikipedia - a folk remedy for bad breath number one
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  • Pleasant breath and smoking.The smell of cigars, pipe tobacco, cigarette out of his mouthnot associated with frosty freshness. Smoking sooner or later begins to embarrass himself smoker no potential to cause cancer of the oropharynx or larynx, and the appearance of not very pleasant breath. On others, and we are not talking, they keenly feel the slightest signs of cigarette smoke and is easy to recognize a person smoking on the breath, on his clothes and skin.

    Wikipedia - a folk remedy for bad breath number one

    With smoking there are many reasons foroccurrence of bad breath. Wikipedia reports that smoking blocks the absorption of vitamin C, that is, causes vitamin deficiencies. This kind of knowledge, being in the public domain, often go unnoticed.

    Lack of vitamin C leads to defectivenessconnective tissue, and its extreme degree of the disease known as scurvy or scurvy. Suffice it to recall high school biology textbooks in pictures - toothless people suffering from scurvy to understand that smoking and healthy gums - completely opposite concepts.

    A good reason for bad breath -dysbiosis, violation of the natural microflora of the mouth, as also reported by Wikipedia. Often the term "dysbiosis" is associated with the intestine, but in the mouth and there is a certain balance of microorganisms, which changes when you change and breath. Cigarettes contribute to the development of dysbiosis, and also have a negative effect on the gums and tooth enamel, staining her persistent pigment in a temperature gradient.

    The third feature of smoking - associated withThese inadequate oral hygiene. The fact is that during smoking, it is never sufficient. You can not brush your teeth after each cigarette, and rinse your mouth after working smoke breaks too tiring. Meanwhile, dense protein plaque, which during the day in small amounts forms on teeth and tongue coating - quickly and permanently stained the smell of cigarettes and creates stable breath, even when the light of all the smoke will evaporate.

    Another factor contributing to the development of halitosis(Halitosis) by smoking - it is dry mucous membranes of the mouth. Small quantity and increased viscosity of saliva does not contribute to a good washing of the mouth, and as a consequence there and unpleasant smell.

    How to get rid of bad breath when smoking

    Pleasant breath and smoking.The answer is simple: if you stop smoking, bad breath will disappear with time. That over time, because smoking damaged tissues of the mouth, the gums, the tongue, the microflora to recover. But immediately goes to maintain a regular tobacco cigarette smell from the mouth - because light is now not smoke residues.

    If this salvific event for somereasons delayed in time (you're not going to smoke a lifetime), then to alleviate the situation in relation to the smoker is not very pleasant breath will help menthol candy, mouthwash and other options refreshing means. Do not abuse the chewing gums - five minutes after eating - this is their only legitimate time, as well as alcohol-based fresheners. With frequent alcohol rinses easily dry up the mouth and aggravate the odor problem.

    Regularly brush your teeth, as well as specialattention to language and the fly on it. Small and light irritation of mucous gingivitis, constantly arising in the background of smoking, can soothe rinses of weak broth chamomile or sage.

    Be healthy and pleasant aromas exude only!

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