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Pulpitis commonly referred to as "inflammation of the nerve," butthis is not a precise definition. It was he who the perpetrator of the most feared dental pain and sleepless nights, which, unfortunately, were in the life of almost every man.

Treatment of pulpitis - a filling of channels(Root canal treatment). What is behind this notion? What will happen to the tooth nerve without? How to protect it? These questions now you can get the answers.

Pulpitis - an inflammation of a neurovascular bundle feeding tooth, called the pulp and is in a special chamber of the pulp inside the tooth.

Adrift pulpitis is an acute and chronic. The main cause of the pulpit - is the time to untreated tooth decay. When between the cavities and the pulp chamber is a thin layer of tissue, toxic substances released by microbes penetrate through it to the nerve and blood vessels and cause inflammation. Then there is a direct connection between the cavity and the chamber and the pulpit is enhanced. There pulpitis caused by poisonous (toxic) action of the filling material ( "chemical" fillings) in the absence of an insulating pad or a partial overlay. The pulp can be caused by tooth trauma that is often found in athletes and fighters.

Acute pulpitis appears sharp"Sweep" pain in the affected tooth, which usually appear or are worse at night. Attacks occur on their own, but the pain can poyavletsya or increased by exposure to extreme temperature food or inhaled air. It is often difficult to understand what kind of tooth amazed - sore jaw half and even the floor face.

Chronic pulpitis occurs quite frequently. It appears unclear or aching pain generally goes unnoticed, but it gives the same complications as acute.

Possible complications pulpitis

Pulpitis: complications and treatment Periodontitis - inflammation of the ligamentous apparatus of the tooth. The most frequent complication of running pulpit or unfair treatment. Under the "unfair treatment" means the filling of channels with breeding material at the tip of the tooth, or worse, nedoplombirovka with voids.

If after treatment departed anesthesia and youYou feel pain - a tooth ache or bolnovato nakusyvat at him, but the pain does not increase, and gradually subsides, it is the norm - reaction to the invasion and treatment. If the pain is getting worse, especially at night, it becomes a pulsating, then immediately run to finish the cure tooth - somewhere was a piece of the inflamed nerve and makes itself known.

Sometimes a thin dental instrumentbreaks directly in the canal of the tooth, no one is immune from this. The doctor, of course, make every effort to get it, but if this is not possible, it must pass the canal of the tooth next to the tool and seal up to the very top, then the inflammatory complications do not arise.

It happens that the doctor carelessly movement,when an unusual location of the roots of a tooth or in the presence of other factors created perforation bottom tooth cavity or channel - an artificial opening. In itself it is not dangerous, but can lead to inflammation, so the physician must correctly its "close up." Well, if you offer to do this tooth tab of a biocompatible material, such as gold. May appoint a course of physiotherapy.

Natural complication of tooth depulpation(Removal nerve) - a tooth darkening with time and its fragility. Everything is easy to explain: a tooth was dead, without food, fabric wear, but not reversed. Your way out - make a crown for the aesthetics and strengthen teeth.

How is the treatment of pulpitis

The most common method and justifies itselftreatment of acute pulpitis (endodontic treatment, endodontic) - is the removal of the nerve (pulp) under anesthesia followed by canal filling with gutta-percha the tooth. Channels - to continue this thin camera, which is the pulp, they also contain nerves and blood vessels that need to be removed. First, the doctor removes all the pulp of the tooth, then washes channels strong antiseptics (disinfectant solution), extends the special tools, or dries and leaves the drug for a few days or just a special channel is sealed with gutta-percha brads paste.

After that immediately made an X-ray, because the main task of the doctor - tightly close the channels up to the apex of the tooth, leaving no voids.

Of course, there are special devices that help determine tooth apex (apex locator), but they may be wrong, and your health - not a joke, so be sure to check the picture is taken.

After sealing the channels you put a temporary filling, and go home to pasta frozen, and the next visit already decide how best to restore the tooth.

There are other ways of treatment of pulpitis: method of complete preservation of the pulp (biology) and the method of partial conservation of the pulp (vital amputation), but to apply them there are many contraindications.

For a positive result should be beneficialconfluence of many factors, and the absolute sterility, which get in the mouth, and even in inflammation, which is caused by microbes is very difficult. Therefore, complications of such treatment occur much more frequently.

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