Fighting tooth decay: cleaning and preventive maintenance required!


Fighting tooth decay: cleaning and preventive maintenance requiredThe Latin name of the dental tissue disease"Caries", clearly and accurately conveys the condition of the tooth, which is a process of destruction of the minerals in its composition and appearance of the cavity. Violated ties between organic and non-organic parts of enamel and dentin, enamel resistance is suppressed to chemical and physical factors, there is a blurring uneven teeth with cavities and pulpit under the influence of purulent-putrefactive bacteria.

Lack of fluoride, increased reaction dental tissueto acids and mechanical factors, the slow development of the disease, the appearance of the affected tooth surfaces, exposure of tooth roots involves the fight against tooth decay "on all fronts". First of all, it is the individual care and prevention of dental health. Keep in mind that sugar - the main source of tooth decay, a favorite "treat" bacteria that produce acid as a by-product, detrimental effect on tooth enamel to form cavities in the tooth. Without high-quality oral hygiene struggle with progressive tooth decay it is not a complete and comprehensive, and the destructive power of acids can overcome any gum from caries.

The prevalence of endemic dental caries

According to the World Health Organizationmore than 99% of the world population susceptible to this disease. Endemic peculiar to one locality tooth decay, according to the UK, for example, in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, where the concentration of fluoride in drinking water is much lower than optimal rate. Furthermore, there is the problem in the United States, South America, Africa, India, Romania, Hungary. This is due mostly to the lack or excess of the content of a chemical element in the environment and accommodation. Fluoride, for example, plays a significant role in the development of teeth and bone formation, is a stimulant of numerous biochemical processes. Receipt of fluoride in the human body depends on its presence in drinking water.

Long-term positive results can beachieved only when the coherence against dental diseases, caries formation warning, endemic, including enrichment by fluorine and toothpaste water using sodium fluoride or silicofluoride and introduced into the diet of fluorinated products.

Pain with deep caries: a doctor immediately!

The classification of carious lesions are 4stages, one of which - deep caries, which is characterized by the presence of grooves in the tooth, pigmented, softening of the dentin and the defeat of the tooth root. Contact with food and the impact of hot, cold, pain is sometimes unbearable when deep caries, if the affected pulp.

The most characteristic features at this final stage of the caries process are:

  • short-term pain with deep caries;
  • extensive carious lesions, not communicating with the cavity of the tooth;
  • dental plaque and plaque;
  • painful probing the bottom cavity.

Pain with deep caries: urgent medical attentionPain characterized sharpness andshort duration, and if they persist in eliminating the stimulus, all the more likely to occur at night, likely complications of acute diffuse pulpitis. This step may be followed by bad breath due to accumulation of food residues in the cavities. In no event it is impossible to let the process take its course, only a doctor can make a correct diagnosis, to differentiate from chronic forms of pulpitis, appoint adequate treatment required by the affected cavity preparation, imposition of compulsory treatment of gaskets and sealing.

Caries gum: chew or not to chew

It is evident that the chewing gum, with all itsbeautiful "life stories", not to prevent and protect against dental diseases. Yes, our ancestors chewed tar and branches of some trees, supposedly strengthen their teeth, but who said that it had teeth without carious lesions, and tar and juice had no effect on the gastrointestinal tract as a result of endless chewing? But to believe and trust the timely visit to the doctor, toothbrush and therapeutic anti-caries toothpaste is worth far more profound than at this time to ask the question: "What is the gum protects against cavities and save?"

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