Treatment of folk remedies for toothache


Toothache and related to the process of tooth decay begins, usually with enamel damage caused by caries.

Causes of a toothache - following the cariesinflammation of the soft tissues of the tooth and the periosteum (flux) with the possible formation of ulcers. Tooth decay occurs frequently as a result of poor nutrition - excessive consumption of sweets, pastries, sugary drinks, refined carbohydrates. Sugar contained in these products by bacteria in the oral cavity, is transformed into the acid, which cause dental caries.

Manifestations of toothache. It can be both permanent and paroxysmal - sharp, throbbing, shooting.

How to get rid of the pain of folk remedies

  • Put patients between the tooth and the cheek leaves or valerian sorrel; they can simply chew. Tooth pain quickly subsided.
  • To reduce toothache can be put on the affected tooth raw beets.
  • Prepare a warm decoction of sage(20 g per 200 ml of water) and rinse your mouth, trying to keep the broth a little longer in the tooth of the patient. The cooled liquid to spit and to gain warm. This should be done 3-4 times within an hour.
  • The recommended as a painkillerrinse a sore tooth infusion of herbs yarrow or zmeegolovnika Moldovan, decoction Potentilla goose, tincture of vodka root Calamus.
  • Finely chop a piece of onion, wrap in cheesecloth and put in the ear on the opposite side to the aching tooth.
  • Treatment of folk remedies for toothacheSnap below the occiput to the neck or a hot cloth wrapped in a rag grated horseradish or mustard, etc., it is good to "hell."
  • Decoction and infusion of horsetail is used to gargle for gum disease and tooth 2 tablespoons herb brewed 1 cup boiling water and insist the whole night.
  • Rub the gums around the tooth of the patient slicegarlic, pre-clearing it from the husk. In Siberia, garlic applied (on a napkin) to the point where detectable pulse on the arm with the opposite hand to the aching tooth.
  • Broth rinse: oak bark (100 g per 1 liter, boil 15 minutes, add 2 tablespoons of vinegar, a bit of pepper); aspen bark (15 g per 200 ml, boil 5-7 minutes); flowering branches of wormwood (2 teaspoons per 300 ml); Viola tricolor (1 tablespoon per 200 ml, boil for 15 minutes).
  • Infusions for rinsing: grass mallow (4 teaspoons per 200 ml, for 10 minutes, apply hot); Watch a three-sheeted grass (2 teaspoons per 200 ml for 20 minutes); grass Knotweed, ie knotweed (20 g per 200 ml to insist 30 minutes)..; Oregano (15 g per 200 ml to insist 30 minutes); blackberry leaves (4 teaspoons on 400 ml to insist 30 minutes); blueberries (2 teaspoons per 200 ml, for 2 hours).
  • A tablespoon of crushed dried rootchicory pour a glass of acidified water, to insist 10 minutes, drain. This strong infusion used in the form of heat to the patient rinse the tooth with severe pain. You can also chew svezhevyko-panny chicory root, pre-clearing it.
  • 1-2 tablespoons of grass creeping thyme(Thyme), pour a glass of boiling water, drain. Use as a rinse for toothache, inflammation of the gums, and ulceration of the oral mucosa. Sweeten with honey (to taste) and used in the form of heat to rinse in flux.
  • To strengthen the teeth is useful from time to time to rub the gums juice of plantain or rinse your mouth with infusion of herbs.
  • 20 g of crushed rhizome pour 100 ml of alcohol or vodka, insist 8 days in a warm place, often shaking, filter. Apply tincture to the aching tooth on a piece of cotton wool.
  • Insert into the ear of the patient from the tooth root of plantain to reduce pain.
  • Burn the petiole pumpkin ash invest in a hollow tooth.
  • Chewing sweet flag root, angelica usual.
  • When prolonged toothache useful to take any sedative, such as tincture of valerian root (20 drops 2-3 times a day).
  • Two tablespoons chopped turnip root pour 1 cup boiling water. Cook for 5 minutes, drain. Warm broth rinse your mouth with dental pain.
  • If toothache is applied to the aching tooth with a cotton wool with tincture of birch kidney: 25g kidney pour 100 ml of alcohol, to insist 8 days.
  • 8 teaspoons of dry powdered herb Melissa officinalis (lemon balm) to insist 4:00 in 2 cups of hot water. Rinse your mouth with dental pain and inflammation of the gums.
  • A slice of bacon, fresh or salted, pre-clean off the salt, put on the aching tooth between the gum and cheek. Hold for 15-20 minutes, during which time the pain subsides.

Diet. Nutrition plays a very important role in maintaining healthy teeth. The diet should be sufficient amount of lime required for the formation of hard tissue of teeth. Pregnant women should be sure to drink every day, lime water (tablespoon) or take special medication because the fruit for the formation of the skeletal system draws lime from the mother's body, which leads to the destruction of her teeth.

It is important to limit the intake of sugar, sourproducts; eat bread from wheat flour, raw vegetables. Fibre refined food remains on the teeth in the form of a sticky mass, causing them great harm. It does not take a very cold or very hot foods, especially if they alternate with each other. Sweet better to eat after a meal, instead of before it.

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