Wisdom teeth - when it is not necessary for them to regret?


  • What if the eruption of wisdom teeth cause pain?
  • Why wisdom teeth often removed?
  • Do we need wisdom teeth?
  • Does it hurt to remove a wisdom tooth?

  • What if the eruption of wisdom teeth cause pain?

    on account of teeth in each row appear in the man reached
    adulthood. They are often accompanied teething difficulties,
    since the remaining molars has long got out and did not want to make room.
    Sometimes there is pain and inflammation. rinse your mouth
    solution of potassium permanganate and take painkillers - tooth will come out - and
    the pain will pass.

    But if tooth eruption is accompanied by a high
    temperature and pain that interfere with open mouth, immediately
    Refer to the dentist - such sievesWisdom teeth - when it is not necessary for them to regret?uatsiya can be dangerous.

    Why wisdom teeth often removed?

    Wisdom teeth more than others prone to caries.

    This is due to the fact that they are difficult to reach for
    toothbrush. If you do not hurry to remove a wisdom tooth, and they often
    remove (unfilled cavities is very difficult, these teeth grow
    so far that the dentist is almost impossible to put a seal
    follows), the inflammation can easily spread to other, healthy
    teeth. Between the tooth and gum accumulated food remnants, appears
    pain and bleeding gums. Do not wait, if you feel pain in the tooth,
    run to the dentist!

    Do we need wisdom teeth?

    The infection, which can spread due
    damaged wisdom teeth, often makes these professional teeth
    delete. As a rule, before the decision of the dentist usually appoints an X-ray.

    Wisdom teeth are very difficult to clean the teeth
    accumulated plaque. It is therefore possible development of caries, periodontitis -
    gingival inflammation, infectious diseases.

    Most people give up their wisdom teeth forever. According to experts, they do not really need.

    They were needed by primitive people, but in the process
    Our jaw varied evolution. Now these teeth give us a bunch of
    trouble and anguish, often grow crooked and wrong, infect healthy
    caries neighbors. In America decided to get rid of wisdom teeth
    as soon as they come out.

    Does it hurt to remove a wisdom tooth?

    Removal of wisdom tooth with local anesthesia.

    No pain you feel, besides the manipulation itself rarely takes more than two minutes.

    Try not to eat anything after a while and
    not to drink. If the pain continues even after removal
    tooth - contact your dentist.

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