Acute abdomen: that everyone should know


  • Signs of acute abdomen
  • The most common causes of acute abdomen
  • First aid for acute abdomen
  • How to behave before the arrival of the doctor?

  • Acute abdomen: that everyone should knowThe name "acute syndrome
    belly "was not on the shape of the area of ​​the body. The word "acute" means
    seriousness of the problem, the acuteness of the moment, and the fact that the current clinical
    the situation and the patient's condition requires immediate medical attention. Subject
    acute abdomen is not accidental. Everyone should know what it is, because delay
    and no treatment in this case, usually results in death.

    Acute abdomen - is
    a whole range of symptoms, manifestations of the pathological condition of the body, caused by
    serious damage to the organs of the abdominal cavity or retroperitoneal space and
    irritation of the peritoneum.

    Signs of acute abdomen

    • It's a sharp painWhich may extend around the abdomen or be localized within
      one of his field. Sometimes the pain is so strong that it causes a shock, then the patient
      loses consciousness and falls into a state of torpor, sharply turns pale, covered
      cold sweat.

      In young children, the elderly, debilitated patients with abdominal pain may not be
      so strong, but it does not say anything about a satisfactory condition.

    • Muscle tension anterior abdominal wall - An important sign of acute abdomen. Generally, the
      more startled body, the greater the size of the abnormal muscle tension
      abdomen. For example, when a localized process in the pelvis, the tension of the abdominal muscles
      expressed only in the suprapubic area, and when diffuse peritonitis entire abdomen
      It becomes "hard and flat as a board." In people with weak muscles
      tension anterior abdominal wall is less pronounced than in trained individuals.
    • vomiting - A frequent companion of acute abdomen that occurs in the first hours of the disease.
      Sometimes due to stimulation of the phrenic nerve contents of the abdominal cavity occurs
      painful hiccups. This is the origin of the symptom of pain in the gain
      trying to take a horizontal position.
    • Delay of the chair and gases accompanied by intestinal obstruction, diarrhea is
      in acute appendicitis.
    • impurity Blood in feces characteristic of acute
      circulatory disorders in the intestine.

    The most common causes of acute abdomen

    • Acute inflammation of the digestive system, such as appendicitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis.
    • The perforation of a hollow organ, ie education
      openings by which the body cavity communicates with the abdominal cavity.
      Perforation can occur as a result of disease or injury, which is natural
      It leads to the development of peritonitis and the appearance of symptoms of acute abdomen.
    • Internal bleeding is when blood is poured out
      into the abdomen or retroperitoneum, such as ectopic
      pregnancy and rupture of the fallopian tube, trauma or rupture of the spleen.
    • ileus, acute impairment
      mesenteric circulation, ie the circulation in the vessels supplying
    • Inflammation and sexual violation of circulation
      authorities, for example, acute adnexitis, torsion legs cysts, myoma necrosis

    First Aid
    acute abdomen

    In the presence of acute abdominal symptoms most important - immediately call the team "Ambulance" or independently to deliver urgently
    the patient to the nearest hospital. Acute abdomen - is exactly the case when it is better
    safe than tighten medical help.

    Despite the fact that the acute abdomen is often a
    indication for urgent surgical intervention, surgery is required to
    preceded by the preparation and accurate diagnosis of the causes of the disaster, including inspection,
    Urgent blood tests, urine tests, radiological diagnostic, ultrasound, endoscopy, laparoscopy
    and other methods to identify the disease. And only a very difficult, critical
    the patient's condition requires intervention without delay. In some cases
    acute abdomen, even treated with conservative methods.

    How to behave
    arrival of the doctor?

    Until help comes, it is recommended in acute abdomen:

    • Take a comfortable position, relieves pain.
    • Do not take food or water, it can aggravate
      position and promote the development of peritonitis.
    • Do not take analgesics, hypnotics,
      anti-anxiety drugs - they "lubricate" the clinical picture of the disease.
    • Do not put enemas or laxatives

    Remember, the prognosis at diagnosis "acute abdomen" depends not
    Only the nature and severity of the underlying disease, but also on the period of the past
    since the first signs of the disaster. The faster will be able to
    eliminate the cause of the disease, the faster the recovery will come.

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