How to protect a child from viruses


How to protect a child from virusesIn the spring, cold is even easier than in the cold winter time — Strong daily temperature drops (up to 10 degrees per day), drafts and viruses, «Exposed» After winter cold. Yes, and the immunity of the child in the spring is not in better form — The lack of vitamins after the long seasonity of the cold has not yet been advantage. This means that immunity protective reactions are delayed, and interferon antiviral substances are not produced as quickly as required for full protection. Unfortunately, in this case, it is not necessary to count on the rapid effect of the common procedures, and here drugs come to the rescue, helping immunity «Shake up».

Especially to protect children from colds and influenza (and for the treatment of viral diseases) was developed Anaferon Children. The drug has a double action: blocks viruses reproduction and increases the power of the immune response to the infection. At the same time, the body depleted for the winter does not have to experience unbearable loads — Anaferon does not have supreme stimulation, but supports high imminent readiness to protect against colds.

The question arises: who can give Anaferon children's? The drug is recommended for use, since monthly age, it is, if you need to protect the infection of an infectious child, you can give him anaferon childrens (solvent a tablet in a teaspoon of boiled water room temperature). Another question is that the kids of the first months of life should still «work» Immunity received from Mom, and if your baby fell ill at such an early age, it is a reason to chat with your district pediatrician. Children at that age should not hurt!

Separate mention deserves such a problem group as allergy children. Any mom will think several times before giving such a child a medicine that affects immunity — Suddenly it will strengthen the manifestation of allergies? Anaferon Children can be recommended and so difficult kids. Experience has shown that the medicine practically does not cause side effects (as written in the official instructions for the drug).

Once we touched «Achilles spot» children's age, then it is worth saying about age in which children are most prone to viral respiratory diseases. This gap covers age about 3 to 9 years old, there is the most socially active time in the child's life when he enters the children's team, communicates with peers (and begins to hurt more often).

Good question: «And when you need to give an antiviral agent?». We perfectly understand that the epidemiological season begins in September, and ends in March—April. It's almost eight months! And all this time giving a child protective drugs makes no sense. You do not force it to wear protection (for example, knee pads) constantly, but wear only in certain cases when it skates or bicycle, when the defense is especially needed. So with antiviral agent — give it better at the moments when the probability of catching cold is especially high.

Viruses are very inflated, and the easiest to get sick, if someone is already sick in the team or at home. In this case, the preventive course of the Anaferon of Children, duration of 2–3 weeks. Return of the child in the team after holidays or vacation also increases the risk of colds. And allergic children are better at all as much as possible to hurt, they need to be protected and protected from possible colds.

Anaferon Children's success is used not only for the prevention of cold and flu. The presence of severe antiviral activity ensures high efficiency of the drug in the treatment of these viral infections. At the first signs of a cold, give the child a medicinal dose of the drug. With a favorable flow, this will allow you to stop the cold at its very beginning or pass in abbreviated form. Studies have proven that the drug helps to reduce «Disaster scales» — Severity of disease. But, no drug drug will replace attentive attitude towards your child's health. First of all depends on you — Will you be able to make your child more resistant to infections.

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