Arterial trophic ulcers


  • The causes of arterial venous ulcers
  • Manifestations of arterial venous ulcers
  • Treatment of arterial venous ulcers

  • Arterial trophic ulcer called a defectthe skin and underlying tissue deeper, arising on a background of deteriorating blood circulation feet. At the same time due to eating disorders tissue necrotizing they gradually develops gangrene.

    The causes of arterial venous ulcers

    The most common cause of circulatory disordersin the leg arteries is atherosclerosis - a disease in which vascular lumen closes plaques consisting of cholesterol. It must be emphasized that this group also includes patients suffering from diabetes. They atherosclerosis becomes more severe course.

    The reason for the blockage of the arteries can also bethromboangiitis obliterans - inflammation of blood vessels, which leads to their coalescence. Sometimes the cause of impaired patency of the arteries are the arteries of the effects of trauma or blood clots, who got out of the heart.

    Circulatory disturbance causes deteriorationsupply of tissues and supply them with oxygen. As a result, the ulcer gradually develops. Arterial trophic ulcer - a sign of a very critical circulatory disorders, and without addressing the circulatory failure is a precursor to gangrene and amputation

    Manifestations of arterial venous ulcers

    Arterial trophic ulcersArterial ulcers are usually located atthe tips of the toes in the heel area on the inner surface of the finger ulcers are common on the inner surfaces contacting fingers. Ulcers are often inflamed and have jagged edges, bottom is covered with bloom, there is a small amount of pus.

    The occurrence of ulcers is accompanied by strongsoreness, moreover, the pain may precede the appearance of ulcers. As a rule, a sick man sitting with bowed leg, it constantly rubs. A person takes a pained look. Making the person to lie on the bed an hour is practically impossible, it is still lower the leg, so as long as the blood is retained in the vessels of the legs and the pain subsides a little. However, gradually develops swelling that compresses the already poorly-filled arteries and further impairs blood circulation, leading to the appearance of new ulcers and widening of old. Due to lack of oxygen supply and sensory nerves are inflamed and there is an unbearable burning pain. All measures aimed at analgesia bring only temporary relief.

    Treatment of arterial venous ulcers

    Smoking is a major risk factorthe development and progression of atherosclerosis, therefore, one of the most important nuances of the treatment is smoking cessation, as well as the restricted diet of fatty foods. At the same time appointed by drugs that reduce pain, expanding blood vessels and improving blood flow. Actively used by physiotherapy.

    The final cure ulcers can occurOnly after the circulation in the affected area is restored, if not completely then at least partially. This is achieved by angioplasty. After blood flow is restored, ulcer healing can be accelerated by using surgical methods, for example, skin grafting. Even after surgery and ulcer healing the person will have to monitor their diet and lifestyle in general, and to take drugs that improve blood circulation and reduce blood cholesterol levels.

    If blood flow is not able to recover in time, the ulcer gradually passes into gangrene, and then help can only amputation.

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