Rubella and pregnancy


What is important to know about rubella?

Rubella is an acute infectious disease caused by the virus
Family of Tagovirusov. The main manifestations of rubella are:
Clear skin rash, increasing the occipital and rear-cervical
Lymph nodes, temperature rise, headache, muscle pain. Virus
rubella robes in the external environment, very sensitive to the effects
Temperatures and chemicals.

Transmission of infection occurs with airborne droplets (when sneezing,
cough, conversation). Infection will provide direct contact with
sick (co-stay in the room, including on the general
Staircase and T.NS.). However, in our turbulent time hidden
infections and rubella flows unusual. So exactly
establish when contact with a sick person sometimes

Despite the fact that rubella refers to children's infections - it
Adults are sick. More likely it can be picked up in Rubella and pregnancytime
periodically repeated epidemic outbreaks, most often in spring.
The incubation period lasts 15-21 days.

If the child fell ill...

In children, the disease proceeds relatively differently. Begins
acutely, with the appearance on the skin of a pale pink finely flesh, not
towering over the surface of the skin, up to 3-5 mm.

Rash first
appears on the face, quickly spreads throughout the body, especially
Many rashes on the back, buttocks, internal surfaces of the hands and feet. On the
Palms are wrong. Later can join the increase
Rear-cervical and occipital lymph nodes, temperature rise,
Inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, with a possible complication -
inflammation of the joints.

If the adult fell ill...

Although rubella and is not a very infectious disease, but
adults it usually proceeds much harder than in children.
Phenomena may precede phenomena in the form of general ailment,
headache, chill with increasing temperature up to 38, pain in
joints, runny nose, sore throat and, as a rule, general increase
lymph nodes, especially rear-cervical and occipital.

The most frequent complication in adults is the defeat of small
the joints of the hands, which is found in the third of the sick. The hardest,
Although rare, complication is the defeat of the brain - Encephalitis.
Naturally, women are in a more profitable position,
Rubberized in childhood.

How rubella affects the fruit...

During the pregnancy, the virus in the blood of the mother is amazing
Nude fabric, causing during the first three months of pregnancy
Fetal infection that violates its intrauterine development, often
leading to miscarriage.

Frequency and degree of destruction of the fetus largely
determined by the term of pregnancy at the time of infection. The less time
pregnancy, in which a woman got sick rubella, the more and more
Easy to develop malformations of the fetus. The most dangerous first
Trimester of pregnancy (from conception up to 12 weeks). In this period
All important bodies of the fetus occur. Fruit damage virus
rubella varied, and the degree of lesion does not depend on the degree
Severity of pregnant disease.

How to avoid rubella infection

It is necessary to know that women who have moved rubella are formed
resistant and prolonged immunity. Pregnant women who did not pain
before pregnancy, contact with Krasnuha patients should be avoided.

Currently, active immunization is carried out in Russia
(vaccinations) against rubella. If you do not hurt rubella, t.E. You do not
Confident in this 100% (only analysis can give such confidence
blood for antibodies), then vaccination must be done in 2-3 months
before the start of the planned pregnancy. All modern anti-peasants
vaccines possess 95-100% efficiency, and immunity, created by,
saved more than 20 years. Vaccination consists of only one vaccination,
Since the vaccine is a living virus, t.E. Immunity is formed
Immediately and longer. Another positive effect of vaccination is
Transfer antibodies against rubella with maternal milk.

This vaccination cannot be done during pregnancy,
Since probably damage to the fetus vaccine virus. After carrying out
vaccinations are necessary within 2-3 months to protect from
pregnancy and only after this period is planning conception.

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