Tennis elbow: unexpected discovery


  • Symptoms of tennis elbow
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  • Symptoms of tennis elbow

    Tennis elbow: unexpected discoveryScientists refute a traditional look at the treatment of common disease.

    According to statistics, 1.3% of the adult population do not know what the tennis elbow is or, by scientific, lateral epicondylitis.

    Most often, noness, the symptoms of which are pain, increased sensitivity and limited mobility of the elbow, affects people aged 35-55 years. And irony in the following: Most patients suffering from tennis elbows, do not play tennis at all.

    The reason for the ailment may be injury or just awkward, or made with excessive force, or multiple and without the necessary vacation. For example, long-term rotation of the forearm, bending the brush in the wrist, throws, blows. As a result, the microarves of the tendons that the external muscles of the forearm are attached to the shoulder bone occur.

    Here are common symptoms of a tennis elbow:

    • repetitive pain in the elbow;
    • pain from the elbow gives in the wrist;
    • Pain occurs when you raise or bend your hand;
    • Pain occurs when you take even small and light items;
    • There is a sense of discomfort when you stretch your hand;
    • Pain lasts 6 – 12 weeks and more.

    Injection steroid drugs

    Until recently, the injecting of steroid drugs was considered the main means of combating tennis elbow. They bring rapid relief and create the illusion of emergency recovery. However, Australian scientists decided to study the problem deeper and made an unexpected discovery.

    Tennis elbow: unexpected discoveryThey experienced various treatment methods on three groups of patients. The first assured that the condition of the elbow with time to improve independently, so they were suggested just to wait, and still instructed how to organize their way of life so that the pain is not intensified. Patients from the second group received the injections of the corticosteroid and the advice of doctors gradually returned to a normal lifestyle. The last group has passed in six weeks of eight 30-minute physiotherapy sessions, and also performed rehabilitation gymnastic exercises at home and self-massage.

    Control examination patients passed twice: six weeks after the start of treatment and after a year.

    In the first case, the best results were «Injection» Groups: 78% of patients reported on improving health status. In second place with the 65th percentage «Physiotherapeutic» Group, and among «Passively waiting» Successs boasted only 27% of patients.

    However, after 52 weeks from the beginning of treatment, the picture has changed. «Injection» The group is significantly lagging behind «Physiotherapeutic», And the first was a high percentage of relapses: 72% of the participants worsened the state. Professor Bill Vincenzo from the University of Medical School partially explained it «Dizziness from success»: that is, patients enhanced by a rapid initial improvement of well-being, have been hastily returned to training and excessive loads on the habitatful elbow.

    After the year «Physiotherapeutic» and «Passively waiting» Groups showed approximately equally high results.

    The health of patients has improved significantly or even fully restored.

    Scientists concluded that both approaches – Physiotherapy I «just wait» — More efficient injecting corticosteroid.


    Now instead of injections, follow these recommendations.

    Rest – The best solution to the problem.

    To reduce pain, use Fixing bandages, which are sold in sports stores.

    When you have to raise items, keep your hand with a palm to yourself.

    Try as little as possible and less often load hands.

    If you have to work with your hands, use ergonomic tools that reduce the load on the hands.

    Homemade Medication

    Tennis elbow: unexpected discoverySeveral home therapeutic means at a tennis elbow.

    • Ice compress reduces pain in the field of inflamed elbow due to the slowdown in local metabolism.
    • Do not love cold? Apply to the elbow warm baked potatoes.
    • Massage painful seats.

    Most of the power exercises to strengthen the muscles are now prohibited, but will suit, for example, this: the forearm lies on the table, a brush on the weight, palm up or down; Take into your hand some item weighing kilogram; move the brush up-down; repeat 20 times for each hand.

    Fit stretching exercises.

    Acupuncture stimulates the nervous system, and endorphins are released, which facilitate pain.

    Now scientists offer such a treatment program: after one injection, which will remove sharp symptoms, rely on physiotherapy and doctors.

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