Which is why there is pain in the left upper quadrant


Which is why there is pain in the left upper quadrantPain in the left upper quadrant showsthe pathology of various organs. Not always it is pancreatitis. There are diseases, not at all associated with the digestive system in which this symptom possible.

Causes of pain in the left upper quadrant

Pain that occurs in the left upper quadrant, can be caused pathology:

  • spleen;
  • pancreas;
  • intestines;
  • a diaphragm;
  • nerves;
  • spine;
  • ribs.

However, the most common cause of pain in the placeIt is not a disease. Many noticed that when running starts to hurt his left side in the hypochondrium. This is due to an increase in blood supply to the spleen, which occurs due to increased blood ejection of the so-called depot. Such a mechanism is needed to meet the increased demand for oxygen. The spleen - an organ, wrapped in a dense connective tissue capsule and permeated with blood vessels. Increased blood supply causes it to grow, but it prevents the capsule. Because of its tension and pain occurs, which goes pretty quickly.

The spleen is also to blame for the occurrence of pain inblunt abdominal trauma. This organ is located in the abdomen, which is very poorly protected from the impact. Bruising or splenic rupture causes aching, or pressing pain in the left upper quadrant.

Errors in the diet can cause pain andchronic pancreatitis. This usually occurs after half an hour after taking the fat, fried or smoked dishes. In addition, there are nausea, heaviness in the stomach, upset stool, bloating. These symptoms indicate a lack of development of digestive juice of the pancreas.

Chronic inflammation of the colon(Non-ulcer colitis) in its splenic angle also provoke pain in the left upper quadrant. Together with her patient complains of constipation, alternating with periods of diarrhea. Kal while with mucus, diarrhea thin, lean, constipation - bean-shaped, fragmented, by type of sheep. Also, patients complain of nausea, belching, increased passage of gas and bloating.

Aperture Myositis (scientifically diafragmatit) oftenjust a secondary lesion, inflammation in the transition to the bodies adjacent to that body. The pain in this case is enhanced by breathing, coughing, straining.

Increased pain when coughing may indicateon the left-sided pleural inflammation affecting its diaphragmatic surface. Roughly the same manifests itself and left-sided lobar pneumonia. Both of these diseases are a serious threat to the health of the patient and require immediate initiation of treatment.

Osteochondrosis the infringement or8-9 inflammation of the left thoracic nerve root pain can be accompanied with the corresponding localization. Brightness symptoms increases dramatically when moving torso or deep breathing, coughing.

Pain in the left upper quadrantVery severe pain differsshingles. This disease is caused by the herpes simplex virus, it arises from the agent of destruction of nerves, having increased tropism (a kind of "love") to the nervous tissue. Inflammation of the nerve trunk, accompanied by edema, causing severe pain in the left upper quadrant. In the early days of diagnosis of the disease seriously hampered until the skin does not appear specific to herpes infection. From this point to identify and distinguish shingles, for example, from pancreatitis very easily.

The trauma of the lower ribs (they bruise or fracture)It causes severe pain in the left upper quadrant. The sensations are amplified when attempting a deep breath or certain torso movements. Diagnosis of this injury is not too much difficulty, and she does not pose a threat to the life of the patient. The exception is a rib fracture in two places, or damage to his internal organs debris. In this case, the patient should have an emergency medical assistance, otherwise it may die.

Pain in the left upper quadrant

Depending on the disease causing the painleft upper quadrant, the treatment can vary dramatically. Moreover, many diseases difficult to distinguish from each other even for experienced clinicians. What here to speak about the popular "doctors" and "ancestral healers", all the recipes that eliminate the symptom, not the disease? Often, not only medical, but also any education they have.

Treatment of diseases that cause pain,It should be carried out by a specialist. Remember, pain - a sign of a serious problem. And we must get rid of it quickly and efficiently. And it can make only a doctor, armed with all diagnostic and therapeutic agents.

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