Frostbite: Symptoms and Treatment


  • What are the causes and symptoms of frostbite
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  • Frostbite - small, itchy blue or red tumors,
    meet winter toe, but can appear on the fingers,
    face and nose. Frostbite is most common that
    in young and elderly, mainly women.

    Frostbite usually occurs on small toes, but are not sure how the fingers, nose, ears are too dangerous areas.

    What are the causes and symptoms of frostbite

    Frostbite appears as small itchy, red areas on the skin. It usually manifests itself after a few hours
    after exposure to cold in temperate humid climates. chilblain
    became more and more painful if the skin inflammation
    take a dark blue appearance.

    Causes of frostbite:

    • heredity,
    • narrow shoes,
    • a vascular poor circulation, anemia,
    • sudden temperature changes,
    • poor nutrition,
    • hormonal changes,
    • disorders of connective tissues and bone marrow tissues.

    A sign of frostbite includes itchy changes in the color of the skin, redness of the skin. Frostbite is more likely to occur due to stress on the legs or pressure on the toes.


    Frostbite: Symptoms and Treatment
    Emergency aid for frostbite - Immediate
    termination of cooling, getting rid of any wet clothing. Then you
    gently wash and dry the injured area, cover it
    several layers of warm clothing, and a free warm up.

    Like other kinds of cold injuries such astrench foot, and local cooling of the body, frostbite can occur without affecting body tissue. Young people and the elderly are especially prone to frostbite. Alcohol increases the risk of frostbite, which can lead to loss of body parts or even death.

    Home treatment includes:

    • There are many natural and home remedies that are recommended for the treatment of frostbite.
    • Regular massage can help reduce frostbite.
    • Perform regular massage of hands and feet in winter with any heated vegetable oil helps to reduce frostbite.
    • Lubricate the frostbitten area that can crack, hygienic lipstick, and cover with a warm soft cloth. Cracked skin frostbite is very difficult to be treated in the winter.
    • Grind some black pepper and Goroshkov
      Fry them in a tablespoon of hot mustard or oil-grains
      sesame. Strain, until the mixture is warm, use this mass for
      massage. Make sure that the skin is not erased, and no scratches, otherwise it will be

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