How to get rid of Dupuytren's disease


What is Dupuytren's contracture

How to get rid of Dupuytren's diseaseContracture - a condition where the mobilitylimited joints they are folded with difficulty and pain. This disorder is common to many illnesses. Contractures occur as a result of disease or after injury. The most common non-traumatic diseases that cause contractures are age ailments: arthritis and arthrosis. To cause joint stiffness and other diseases such as stroke, blood supply and lack of muscle inflammation, lesions of peripheral nerves, and even ... hysteria.

Therefore, any cure without persistent contractureclarify the diagnosis is not possible! However, in conjunction with treatment of the underlying disease, which is always selective, there are also common means to combat contractures.

It is caused by the fact that all these violations havethe overall development path. The soft tissues of the musculoskeletal system are in need of constant motion and can not tolerate long inactivity. Each of them corresponds to the characteristic breakdown. joint capsule shrinks and then thickens. Muscles atrophy. There are adhesions between the tendon and surrounding tissues. However, the most disastrous outcome of all contractions - joint ankylosis, that is a complete loss of mobility.

If the injury (a subluxation, sprain, contusion) wasnot strong, the body is equipped to deal with injuries. Pain will help eliminate those movements that prevent proper healing of tissues. And gradually, as the functions will return to normal, the pain stops will be switched off. As a result, the motion violated long, persistent contracture does not have time to ripen.

Multiple causes microtrauma and contracturebrush, called Dupuytren's disease. It would seem that if the "microscopic" injury, means, and the disease can be easily treated, but it is not so! Of all the contractions, this is definitely the most dangerous.

How to prevent Dupuytren's disease

Dupuytren's disease usually arises on the rightbrush in men older than 40 years, many years engaged in manual labor (primarily are drivers of heavy trucks, tractor drivers, combine operators, turners, millers, locksmiths). Permanent injuries lead to permanent damage to tendons brush.
The fingers are frozen in a bent position. And arbitrarily to straighten them becomes impossible.

For the prevention of Dupuytren's disease is recommendeduse at work (especially metal) gloves, and most dense tissue, the extent permitted by the subtlety of your labor. Even under the gloves apply skin softening and protective cream, which can be purchased in every pharmacy. Without cream quickly cracks through which various damaging factors easily penetrate deep into the tissue. After working with the materials from which the skin may remain aggressive substances, splinters, all kinds of chips, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water, and better - cleaning paste, which can be purchased at auto parts stores. Then wipe the palm sponge or soft cloth. Long and intense hand flexed position (the driver holds the steering wheel) increases the risk of this disease. During each hour of such work at least 5-7 minutes, do exercises, flexing wrist.

Try to carefully protect their own hands, notforget about exercise, and you can prevent this disease! A feature of the destructive process in tissues in Dupuytren's contracture is that it is moving forward with extraordinary tenacity. And even when people change jobs and begin to conservative treatment, which helps to cure all remaining contracture! More than 90% of cases are needed surgery. But it is because of the great complexity and fragility of the tendon brush mechanism, only in rare cases will restore its movement completely.

With joint stiffness will help to cope physiotherapy

In a way dangerous and contractures arisingresult of heavy "cross-sectional" injuries (such as fractures, dislocations). Here, since the recovery is delayed, we will choose a long time for the injured limb position that will dictate us pain. And it is often wrong and unnatural posture. Damaged joints quickly gets used to it. After a while, change the posture becomes very difficult. After six to eight-week in the fixing joint contracture wrong position fix using only the high and prolonged medical treatment or surgery.

That is why after the severe injury, even if notit was a fracture, it is necessary as soon as possible, using a plaster bus or tight bandage to fix the limb in the correct position. Although fixation and not the best way out, but the problem as a "development" seriously affected joint - cause even more devastating consequences ...

Nevertheless, there are generic principlescombating joint stiffness. Their basis is the use of two polar methods: joint to rest in the correct position, but at the same time as early as possible to start doing the exercises, you have to start kinesitherapy. So called treatment through different types of joint movements.

Remember that the correct position (rather than somethingwhich selects the joint itself), excluding edema, ischemia, tension of the joint capsule, can prompt a doctor-traumatologist. For example, the shoulder joint - a shoulder abduction of 45 degrees flexion of 40 degrees and rotate the limb inside and 40 degrees. Even if you correctly calculate these angles, you still do not skonstruiruete locking device, and most importantly, do not specify the period within which it must be applied. So never delay a hike in the emergency room after any severe injury or even, in your opinion, frivolous, but this, after which the stiffness for some reason did not pass.

The dangers of self-medication

Referring now to kinesitherapy. The lion's part of patient contacts to the traumatologist about contractures up such cases. Gnarled joints of strong rubbing ointment, take alcohol as an anesthetic and yanked straighten the limb. The result may be multiple ruptures of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and the need for surgery! Even if you do not damage the soft tissue contracture may develop due to reflex muscle spasm (psevdoparalich muscles). It is difficult to treat, often "remembered" the regulation of the nervous centers, and returns the most dangerous way, for example, while swimming in the cool water.

At the same time, the early administration of physiologicallyreasonable and correct movements is the best method of prevention and treatment of contractures. Muscle contraction and movement in the joints increase tissue nutrition and metabolism, preventing the onset of stiffness.

Treatment of contractures movements carried out inas passive and active therapeutic exercises. With passive exercise and massage are trying to stretch the shortened muscle and periarticular tissues. In the case of, for example, the familiar Dupuytren's contracture do massage to the surrounding muscles of the hand and arm stroking rubbing movement. In between the massage is carried out using good hand, a passive design of the bent fingers of the affected hand. They gradually straightened until the pain bearable. In each of your exercises a total duration of up to 20 minutes should be 5-6 massages extensor and the same charges.

If you want to be healthy - practice your

In any case, it will go stiffnessfaster if the exercises you will spend in a warm bath and, moreover, after the hot wraps limb or mud applications. There are many useful additives that enhance the therapeutic effect of such baths (aromatic oils and extracts of eucalyptus, alfalfa, kidney birch, cranberries, fungus, nettles, pine needles, chlorides and sulphates of silver, potassium, magnesium, copper, sodium, salt from the Dead Sea).

But do not hurt and do some physical therapyprocedure. After all, when running contractures medicinal substances must penetrate deep into the tissue in sufficient quantities. And this can be achieved only by applying electrophoresis or other method to "push" molecules into tissues. In an extreme case, the doctor uses an injection, for example, formed scars. In order to soften the scar-altered tissue injected enzyme lidazu. Displaying topical application of dressings with another enzyme - ronidazoy. They are applied to the scar area for at least two weeks. For injection use, and extracts of aloe, which contains powerful softening agent.

Active exercises with stiffness should notOnly stretch shortened tissues, improve their metabolism, but also increase the strength of the stretched muscles that counteract the contraction. So, when flexion contractures "pump" extensor muscles, and vice versa.

Especially useful exercise with resistance atsimulators. When persistent and diligent application (at least 5 times a day, but each session is no longer than 15-20 minutes, the total duration of employment of at least one month) is enough as rubber or spring training apparatus-expanders and special balls for the brush, which are sold in sports shops. However, if you have the opportunity to exercise in the physiotherapy room, do not miss it! Even obsolete block devices have the advantage that the load on the joint can be accurately metered. So you can for each exercise set ourselves a new challenge, slightly raising the "bar." Breaking it, you will feel like a defeat disease, and it will be a significant psychological help in your recovery.

How will traditional medicine

Traditional medicine offers the following treatment for contractures:
  • How to get rid of Dupuytren's diseaseTreat joints rubbing can be warming,which is prepared as follows. Mix 250 mL of sunflower oil, 250 ml of kerosene and 5-10 (depending on the desired strength) of red hot pepper pods, milled in a meat grinder. Insist in a warm place for 9 days, shaking daily. Then strain. Rub in the painful area with light stroking movements and wrapped with a sore spot with hair.
  • 300 g of fruits horse chestnut clear from the peel,cut in small pieces. Pour into a dark half-liter bottle and pour the vodka on the neck, close the stopper. Infuse 2 weeks in a dark warm place, shaking every day. Patients, joint stiffness rubbing at night every day.

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