Lower abdominal pain


  • pain Causes

  • pain Causes

    AppendicitisFor example, first manifested by pain in the navel. Then the pain shifts to the lower abdomen, and is accompanied by vomiting, chills, loss of appetite.

    Strangulated hernia It can also cause that causes pain in the lowerabdomen. Especially painful place, where there was a protrusion of a hernia and around. Often, doctors can not determine the strangulated hernia because neglect inspection of the places on the front wall of the peritoneum, which can form a hernia.

    at Perforatsii diverticulum of the sigmoid colon there is pain, much pain resembling an exacerbation of appendicitis. The main difference is that in this case the pain extends along the lower abdomen.

    Lower abdominal pain Lower abdominal pain may indicate acute salpingitis - Inflammation of the pelvic organs and smallpelvis, acute adnexitis. Pain is dispersed on the lower abdomen, often accompanied by fever. Upon mixing of the cervix during vaginal or rectal examination, also may cause pain in the abdomen that is caused by exposure to organs and tissues. In acute salpingitis often fever, but outwardly patients look pretty well.

    Lower abdominal pain in the middle of the menstrual cycle is familiar to many women. Painful sensations arise at follicular rupture and the output of eggs. Pain initially sharp, there are more in the side (on the side where ovulation has occurred) and then move to the lower abdomen, overflowing in the pelvic area. the pain is usually short-lived, but some women can last up to two days and accompanied by a general lethargy, pain when walking. In this case, you can take no-silos. If the pain is accompanied by a mid-cycle spotting - you need to see a doctor. This discharge may indicate the presence of inflammation, endometritis, myometrium and cysts of the cervical canal.

    Pain in the lower abdomen and there with obstruction of the small or large intestine. Pain localized in the lower abdomen oraround the navel. First, they are sharp, cutting and episodic. But as the obstruction, the pain becomes permanent, which is caused by overstretching of the bowel and colon ischemia, vascular walls. Pain in the lower abdomen with a dull, constricting.

    In diseases of the genitourinary system and urinary tract also felt pain in the abdomen. Renal colic is caused by the omission of the stone in the ureter, occur in the side, but given the course of the ureter in the lower abdomen and even thighs. Thus urinalysis establishes the presence of bacteria, elevated erythrocyte and leukocyte. Palpation of the kidney location is very painful for the patient, which again confirms the existence of problems. For a more complete picture of the assigned pyelography, which reliably establish the diagnosis, even if the stone is not visualized.

    Acute pyelonephritis It characterized by extreme tenderness of the affected kidney. The patient's body temperature rises, fever appears. To confirm the diagnosis assigned pyelography and urine analysis.

    Pain in the abdomen also occurs due urinary retention. To diagnose urinary retention help swellingjust below the navel. Pain while strong enough cutting. When urinary retention shows an installation of the catheter and the appointment of relevant surveys to ascertain the causes of the disease.

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