Treat of scarletins

Since Scarlay is taken to consider child infectious disease, then it is necessary to know the parents about this disease, especially since the symptoms of scarletins are easily recognizable. Agree, warned - it means armed. Do not be afraid of this disease, despite the fact that the centuries back from Scarletina often died children, today treatment does not cause difficulties.

Since Scarlay is taken to consider child infectious disease, then it is necessary to know the parents about this disease, especially since the symptoms of scarletins are easily recognizable. Agree, warned - it means armed. Do not be afraid of this disease, despite the fact that children often died back from Scarletin, children often died, today treatment does not cause difficulties, of course, subject to all prescriptions of the doctor.

Symptoms of scarletins

Treat of scarletins
At the very beginning of Scarlatina resembles most infectious diseases: suddenly the temperature is very raised to 39?C and higher. At the same time, the child can be excited and active. Looking at a very little time, lethargy appears, weakness, sometimes nausea and vomiting, complaints about severe throat pain appear. And from this point, the most characteristic symptoms of scarlet.

If you ask a sick child to open your mouth, then, not even a physician, you will see the echoing zev, brightly red throat and white flare in the language. Lymph nodes on the neck are increased. The clinical picture can resemble in general Angina, but much more pronounced than usual. The doctor caused at this time, according to a characteristic white challenge in the language, it seems to be scarld. And if at first and you can diagnose the angina, then in the following day the picture becomes more than clear. Already 12 hours later, a reddish rash appears on the skin of the child. Scarlatin we learn by looking at the face of the patient: bright red rash covered with cheeks and forehead, while only a small nasolabial triangle remains pale. Rash quickly spreads throughout the body. All this is accompanied by severe heat in the patient. No wonder in the XVII century, Scarlatin done «Purple fever». Rajk concentrates the most on the bends of the limbs, on the sides of the body, on the chest, abdomen, hips. Skin to the touch dry and hot. Approximately on the second day, the White language turns into a raspberry with relief speakers.

It should be noted that in children the symptoms of scarletins are pronounced and typically, seeing such one day, any mom will not forget these manifestations.

As the infection occurs

Treat of scarletins
Most often, preschoolers and younger students become victims of scarletins. Skarlatine susceptibility high. Source of infection - a sick child, but the trouble is that the most expensive period of the disease is most dangerous in terms of infection, when there are no clinical symptoms. That is, the child can feel healthy and attend a children's institution, but contact with him is already dangerous for others. That is why if there are sick scarlet in the group of children, it should be waiting for repeated cases of the disease.

Babies sick scarletina very rarely. Mother's Milk Kids get immunity. But this is a passive immunity, which protects only in the first months of life.

The causative agent of scarletins - beta hemolytic streptococcus. The path of infection - the air-drip, but in the first days the infection can occur through common things. The causative agent can penetrate the body and through a scratch or a small rink. In this case, angina may not be, but all other symptoms remain the same.

Periods of the disease

Treat of scarletins
Hidden or incubation period lasts from 1 day to week. Therefore, if the child had contact with the patient, to prevent the spread of the disease in the team, he is removed from visiting group classes for 10 days.

Initial period. This is the period of manifestation of the first clinical symptoms. It leaves from several hours to 1 day.

Disease Grocery Period All Symptoms flourish in lush. Angina can take purulent or follicular character. Rash on the whole body. But with proper treatment by the 5th day, the rash gradually fades, lymph nodes decrease, well-being improved.

Recovery period will take two weeks. On the skin during this period we are watching peelings. Small hebone-like on the torso and larger plate on the soles of the legs and palms.

If the child got a scarletina, then it will be allowed only after 21 days.

Treat of scarletins

Treat of scarletins
With the exception of heavy forms of Scarlatina treats at home. Sometimes the doctor can hospitalize a sick child if there are still little children in the house in order to try to prevent the spread of infection.

Patient child put in bed. Highlight individual dishes, towel, soap and t. D. Observe the bed mode is especially important during the first week. Yes the patient and himself will need rest. But as well-being improved, you can go to the usual home mode, and from 10 days, considering the onset of the disease, individual walks are allowed.

During a sharp period of the child, the child will most likely not appetite, do not try to feed him forcibly, but take care of whether he drank more than the usual. It is best if the drinks, juices, grasses are offered as drinking. Diet should be gentle, dairy products are recommended: cottage cheese, butter, kefir, mandatory vegetables and fruits. But sharp, salty, smoked and fried foods will have to be excluded from the diet at least than a month.

With Scarlantine, the doctor will definitely hold an antibacterial therapy course. Amoxiclav, Sumamed, Macropen or other drugs at the discretion of the attending physician can be assigned. Scarlatina is dangerous possible complications, but the reception of antibiotics in this case completely prevents all adverse effects.

Complete recovery is stated if, after the treatment, normal blood and urine tests are shown, and when the mucus surges from the nose and the zev, the pathogen is not detected - beta hemolytic streptococcus.

After Scarletina will remain very persistent immunity and cases of re-infection, fortunately, very rare.


Scarlet vaccinations. Therefore, in order to avoid infection, it is important to insulate patients in a timely manner from healthy. If in addition to the sick child, there are still children in the house, try, if possible, care for the sick in a separate room, more often spend wet cleaning and wash toys in soap-soda solution. This is especially important to do in the first days. Wechite throat with a tomycide or salt-sodium solution.

Well, in conclusion I want to add that strong, tempered kids, if faced with infection, then get well and quickly and quickly. Therefore, pay due attention to physical education, walks in the fresh air, healthy nutrition and be healthy!

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