The influence of the digestive process in the human health


The digestion process in the body of any livingcreatures are called upon to provide it with nutrients that are essential for growth and development, as well as to remove decay products to prevent their absorption in the blood. That is why any failures that occur in the digestive tract, extremely negatively affect the work of internal organs. And it is necessary to take measures to stabilize the state of the body as soon as possible in order to prevent the development of serious diseases.

Identify the malfunction of the digestive organseasy - they are quite specific and familiar to almost every human being, not even having a medical education. The main symptoms of disorders of the digestive system are:

  • The influence of the digestive process in the human healthviolation or lack of appetite, aversion to food;
  • stomach upset;
  • a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • cramps, bloating;
  • severe abdominal pain, etc.

As a result, a person is deteriorating skin condition, bad mood, depression occurs.

Upon detection of one of the listedsigns, is to put aside all business and see a doctor for medical care. Run like the state or try to get rid of them on household practices by recommending friends or neighbors, is extremely dangerous - they can cause serious diseases, the treatment of which can not always be successful, requiring much time and large expenses. Timely normalization of the stomach - it's not just to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, but also improve the general condition of the body.

Unfortunately, often the cause of malfunctionsthe digestive system is the low quality of the products. It can have a negative impact even on the healthiest body, leading to serious disruptions in the functioning of internal organs. Therefore, physicians should carefully monitor the quality of food consumed, rejecting dubious origin - in this case, improving digestion guaranteed.

The first means of assistance for violations of thethe digestive system in the home medicine cabinet is a nard. This plant is well known for its healing properties - it helps with enough intensive work of the stomach, flatulence and belching, slow and digestive disorders. In addition, nard use at low acidity of the stomach and intestinal catarrh, using a decoction of medicinal plants on the red wine.

The bulk of the elecampane, used in the treatment ofdiseases of the digestive system, - a rhizome, which contains a large amount of the polysaccharide inulin, vitamin E, crystallizing essential oil, and - the resin and mucus, which, when released into the intestinal tract to form on the mucosal surface of the protective layer, which prevents the absorption of harmful substances and stimulating the normal functioning of internal organs. Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action of decoction of elecampane can slow the progress of diseases of the digestive system and has a positive effect on the condition of the body as a whole.

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