Treatment of adenosis

Material cancer Many mistakenly consider the most common disease that concerns women's breasts. In fact, for the health of beautiful sex representatives, most often represent the danger of a benign tumor, such as, for example, breast adenosis.

Adenosis is one of the options for fibrous-cystic Mastopathy with a predominance of iron fabric. The disease is faced, mostly women from 30 to 40 years old, but teenage girls at the peak of puberty are also located in the risk group, and future mothers in the first weeks after conception.

Causes of the appearance of a benign tumor

Adenosis, Breast, Mammology, Milk Iron, Tumor

The main and only factor, due to which dangerous changes in the tissue of the breast occur, is a violation of a female hormonal background. And failures in the field of hormones can be caused not only by the dysfunction of the endocrine system or any provocation. Often fertile soil for adenosis provide strong stress, negative emotional bursts, as well as the depletion of the immune forces of the body. In addition, as MYMEDINFORM has already noted.COM, hormonal perestroika can play a dick joke even with a young girl or a pregnant woman.

Symptoms of the disease

Pathological changes in the milk gland myophelies occur on the soil of adenosis. There are several types of diseases that determine the nature of the symptomatic picture, but absolutely in all cases the disease makes itself felt periodic, but frequent pain, which becomes more intense on the eve of menstruation. In addition to the general soreness of the chest, others, obvious, manifestations of adenosis are not observed: the shape and size of the nipple remain the same, there are no discharge from the nipple.

If the adenosis of a tumor type, a mobile node is formed in the tissue of the breast, which may consist of several fractions or to have disc-shaped outlines. As a rule, a very tangible discomfort Novo-formation of the patient does not cause. By palpation, you can easily detect some seal of all breasts or its separate area. However, the shape of the chest and the skin at the place of the compacted node do not change. Lymph nodes also remain normal.

Sometimes this disease can develop on the background of another kind of mastopathy, but on the general clinical picture of the main disease, it practically does not affect.

Varieties of milk gland

Adenosis, Breast, Mammology, Milk Iron, Tumor

To confirm the pathology, mammography and ultrasound. These procedures make it possible not only to detect the focus of pathological cells, but also consider the shape and borders of the tumor. There are very common cases when adenosis grows and in contact with dairy ducts, which threatens with a sick formation of a malignant tumor. In order to take appropriate measures in time, a number of cytological, immunological and histological studies usually include a comprehensive diagnostic program.

Treatment of the disease

The peculiarities of the therapy of the adenosis of the breast will depend first, on the timeliness of the detection of the disease, from its type and stage, as well as from the age and overall health of the patient. Fortunately, in most cases you can do without operational intervention, which is justified only with very launched forms of adenosis.

The basis of treatment is made Polyvitamin complexes, Sedative, hormonal preparations and combined oral contraceptives (Lindinet 30), Diuretics, Adaptogens and Gestagens (Nigolut, Duphaston). Not the latter role and the means of homeopathic medicine (Mastodinone).

Surgical treatment consists in excision tumor. Sometimes, if there are suspicions of the malignant nature of the neoplasm, the excision biopsy is used for histological examination of dubious tissue.

Disease treatment by folk remedies

Adenosis, Breast, Mammology, Milk Iron, Tumor

  1. The flesh of ripe pumpkin, purified from seeds, apply to the chest at night. Repeat from 3 to 5 days.
  2. To the patient site on the mammary gland, you can apply a sheet of fresh cabbage, pre-lubricating it with butter and sprinkled with salt. Leave such a compress you need to lose night. By morning, pain should decrease. Repeat the procedure for a week.
  3. A small piece of fresh beets (200 g) to rub on a shallow grater and cut a slightly with a water bath, then combine this mass with 2 st. L. vinegar (9%), mix well and put on the chest. The procedure must be repeated 8-10 times.

Keep in mind that the procedures listed above have, mostly an anesthetic effect, that is, eliminate the symptoms, and not the disease itself. This means that the doctor still needs to appeal - the sooner, the better.

Prevention of the disease

Each woman wants it or not, is susceptible to hormonal storms, but the adenosis of the breast can be prevented in 15, and in 40 years. Make it very simple.

First, it is always necessary to pay special attention to the timely diagnosis and treatment of diseases of gynecological and extragenital origin.

Adenosis, Breast, Mammology, Milk Iron, Tumor

Secondly, it should be remembered about warning diseases measures. Here they are:

  • Successful first pregnancy (donated);
  • absence Aborto;
  • breastfeeding for more than six months;
  • Reliable and high quality contraception;
  • lack of stress and positive vitality;
  • Regular visits to the gynecologist.

Thirdly, to preserve health, in no case can not be refused physical exertion. Swimming, for example, for prevention of adenosis - Optimal sport. In addition, the diet needs in careful adjustment. On the table as much as possible saline, smoked, oily and canned food should appear. Energy reserves are better replenished with food that has passed minimal heat treatment (welded, baked or raw products).

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