How to survive the beginning of spring to those who suffer the vegetaryous dystonia?


  • Rest
  • Engage gymnastics
  • Walk
  • Watch for nutrition
  • Consult your doctor

  • How to survive the beginning of spring to those who suffer from terretous dystonia?
    Of course, vegetary dystonia is not fatal. But, you see, quite unpleasant. After all, those who suffer from vascular ailments, sharper and painful perceive any change of weather. Especially when changing the seasons.
    Since the beginning of spring, general weakness appears once again, headache, dizziness, adjusted to loss of consciousness. With such a state not what to learn and work – to the nearest pharmacy will not wake!


    The very first and most importantly – To try to relax. Sleep eight hours a day, even if you usually grab 5-6 hours. Yes, with the modern rhythm of life, adhere to this rule is quite difficult, but for your own health and excellent well-being, you can refuse time from viewing your favorite films and TV shows.

    In addition, plan your day and follow him – The more accurate you follow the schedule, the easier it will be your body.

    Try not to do sharp movements that can cause a sharp influx / outflow of blood from the head: do not jump out sharply in the morning, do not lean, like the gymnasts.

    Engage gymnastics

    But the morning charging does not hurt. The main thing – Choose a few simple exercises (the turns of the head and housing will especially help) and perform them daily, but in moderation – overwork and strive for the Olympic records at all there is no need.


    How to survive the beginning of spring to those who suffer from terretous dystonia?

    Frequently available in the fresh air, regularly ventilate the room in which you are. If when you enter the fresh air, you begin to circle a head – This is a sure sign that your body lacks oxygen.

    Watch for nutrition

    Limit coffee consumption, and even better – Fully give up him. Even if you have reduced pressure – Coffee only makes the heart beat more often, and the pressure if it is raised, the slightly.

    Another important factor – Regular and balanced nutrition. Turn into your diet fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, fermented milk products.

    Consult your doctor

    Consult your doctor, what vitamins you are best taken.

    Since the conversation about the doctors – If the doctor insists on the course of therapy, it means that your body can not cope and needs help. But do not agree to the treatment until the survey is passing and your ailments will not be confirmed.

    VD – «diagnosis», which is very frightened by patients, but these words doctors are pronounced to show the patient that he has no disease.

    Real problems with vessels, with pressure – It is completely different and should be adjusted only under the supervision of the doctor.

    But, perhaps, the most important – identify the cause of your unhealthy and try to eliminate it. And also - less nervous, you spend more attention to yourself, do not overwork and rabbish the spring sunshine. be healthy!

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