The main manifestations of lung abscess


  • The concept of lung abscess
  • The causes of the abscess
  • The main manifestations of the disease

  • The concept of lung abscess

    An abscess (boil, abscess) - delimitedaccumulation of pus in the various organs and tissues. Lung abscess - abscess, localized within the lung tissue, complicating various diseases and pathological conditions.

    There are the following forms of lung abscess:

    • acute purulent lung abscess
    • chronic lung abscess
    • gangrenous

    The causes of the abscess

    Abscesses and gangrene of the lung arise as a consequence ofobezvozdushnosti lung tissue (due to atelectasis or inflammation), circulatory disorders in her direct effect of toxins on the airless lung tissue with impaired circulation. As a rule, it leads to abscesses, which arose because of pyogenic flora: Staphylococcus; streptococci; E. coli; mycobacteria, fungi (Histoplasma capsulatums, Aspergillus, koktsidioidy), parasites (amoeba, lung fluke).

    The main manifestations of the disease

    Acute lung abscess is characterized by pain in thechest, shortness of breath, cough with purulent (stinking), sputum, hemoptysis often. The sudden release of a large number of (full mouth) fetid sputum - a sign of a breakthrough in the abscess cavity bronchus. Typically a temporary improvement in the patient's condition.

    The main manifestations of lung abscessChronic lung abscess characterizesPeriodic exacerbation of purulent process. In remission occurs barking cough, increase in the number of purulent sputum with a change in body position, possibly hemoptysis, severe fatigue, weight loss, night sweats and others.

    Gangrene lung. Gangrene of the lung is called necrotic inflammation of the lung tissue with severe symptoms spread on lung tissue, leading to rapid necrosis.

    Among patients aged male-dominated30-35 years, women suffer 6-7 times less, due to the peculiarities of the production activity of men, more common among them alcohol and tobacco abuse, leading to a violation of the drainage function of the upper respiratory tract.

    It is very difficult to proceed multiple abscesseslung. Multiple abscesses usually preceded by widespread inflammation in the lung. Against this background, in several areas there is necrosis of the lung tissue, which is between the abscess does not recover its normal structure. Weights condition develops purulent bronchitis with profuse foul-smelling sputum department.

    The following types of complications of lung abscess:

    • Breakthrough abscess into the pleural cavity with the development pneumoempyema
    • pneumorrhagia
    • tight valve pneumothorax
    • pyosepticemia
    • secondary bronchiectasis
    • amyloidosis

    Clinical cure the majority of patients withlung abscess formation is completed in light of scar tissue (Pulmonary fibrosis). In the lung parenchyma with no infiltrative changes. Patients feel almost healthy work, but they are more likely than other people, there are cough, mucous expectoration, fever, are treated as colds, acute bronchitis and bronchiectasis. The main features that distinguish focal fibrosis of the lung abscess, are significantly lower incidence and severity of acute disease, lack of purulent intoxication and infiltrative changes in the lungs.

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