Lower abdominal pain


  • Causes of pain

  • Causes of pain

    Appendicitis, For example, it is manifested first pain in the navel area. Then the pain shifts to the bottom of the abdomen, and is accompanied by vomiting, chills, loss of appetite.

    Strangulated hernia may also cause pain at the bottom of the abdomen. Especially painfully the place where hernia was made and around him. Often, doctors cannot determine the disadvantaged hernia just because they neglect the inspection of those places on the front wall of the peritoneum, where hernias may form.

    At NSErility Diverticula Sigmid There is pain, strongly resembling pain in the exacerbation of appendicitis. The main difference is that in this case the pain spreads at the bottom of the abdomen.

    Lower abdominal pain The pain at the bottom of the abdomen may indicate Acute Salpingitis – inflammation of the pelvic organs and the organs of the small pelvis, acute adnexitis. The pain is dispersed at the bottom of the abdomen, often accompanied by increasing temperature. When mixing the cervix during a vaginal or rectal study, the occurrence of pain at the bottom of the abdomen, which is due to the impact on organs and fabrics. In acute salpingitis, the temperature often rises, but externally, patients look rather worn.

    The pain at the bottom of the abdomen in the middle of the menstrual cycle is familiar to many women. Pain feelings arise at Rasp follicles And the outlet of the egg cell. Pains first sharp, there are more in the side (from the side where ovulation occurred) and then shift to the bottom of the abdomen, spilling in the area of ​​the small pelvis. The pains are usually short, but some women can last up to two days and accompanied by general lethargy, soreness when walking. In this case, you can take but-shu. If the painful syndrome in the middle of the cycle is accompanied by oscillation of bloody secretions – need to consult a doctor. These discharge may indicate the presence of the inflammatory process, endometritis, the cysts of the myometrium and cervical canal.

    The pain at the bottom of the abdomen arises and Under the obstruction of a thin or large intestine. Pains are localized in the bottom of the abdomen or around the navel. First, they are sharp, cutting and episodic. But as neprootability develops, pain acquires a constant character, which is caused by the interpretation of the intestine and the ischemia of the vessels of the intestinal walls. The pain at the bottom of the abdomen at the same time stupid, compressing.

    For diseases of the urogenital system and urinary tract Also felt pain at the bottom of the abdomen. Renal colic, caused by the omception of the stone in the ureter, arise in the side, but are given along the ureter at the bottom of the abdomen and even before the hip. At the same time, urine analysis establishes the presence of bacteria, an increased content of erythrocytes and leukocytes. Palpation in the area of ​​kidney location is very painful for the patient, which once again confirms the presence of problems. For a more complete picture, pyelography is assigned, which will significantly identify the diagnosis, even if the stone is not visualized.

    Acute pyelonephritis characterized by extreme painful kidney pain. The patient climbs the body temperature, chills appears. Pyelography and urine analysis are prescribed to confirm the diagnosis.

    The pain at the bottom of the abdomen also arises because of urine delays. Diagnose urine delay helps bloating just below the navel. The pain is quite strong, cutting. When the urine delay shows the installation of the catheter and the purpose of the corresponding surveys to determine the causes of the disease.

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