What bedsores


  • Bedsores, causes and development
  • The treatment of pressure ulcers

  • Bedsores, causes and development

    Bedsores develop in patients with
    serious illnesses, bedridden. For education
    bedsores is not enough just long stay in the supine
    position, additional factors contributing to their
    appearance. These include the presence of severe disease,
    accompanied by a decrease in the body's defenses, the ability of tissues
    regeneration (recovery). They often occur in patients with severe
    neurological disorders - strokes.
    paralysis, etc. It is evident that the origin is far bedsores
    important role played by nervous disorders of the skin blood vessels, thereby
    and broken skin nutrition.

    Manifestations of pressure ulcers are known,
    probably all. They are formed on areas of the body prone
    the greatest pressure in the position, which takes a long time man. So,
    at long lying on his back bedsores are formed at the back, in
    area blades, lumbar, sacrum, buttocks, heels. In the lateral position
    - On the shoulders, sides of the pelvis and legs. First, the skin in these
    field becomes red and swelling, then begins to move away in the form of
    thin films, exposed deeper layers of the skin, the surface of which
    constantly moist, can be released sukrovichnaya (pink color)
    liquid. Progression of the process leads to a fairly
    deep ulcers. Naturally, in such circumstances, good breeding
    bacteria, so the surface of the deep pressure ulcers are often covered with bloom
    pus or light filmy coating. Characteristically, in bedsores
    Most cases do not cause pain, especially deep (however, this is
    not always observed).

    In addition to the factors listed in
    decubitus appearance plays an important role roughness at
    which is sick. Provoke the appearance of bedsores can even
    fold the sheets.

    The treatment of pressure ulcers

    The treatment of pressure ulcers - a painstaking process that requires diligence.

    Please observe the following rules:

    • What bedsores
      it is necessary that the bed was soft enough (if there are no contraindications for this, such as fracture of the spine);
    • bed linen, which is the patient, must be dry
      and clean (better change it every day or every two days), mild or
      have folds (need to stretch the sheet, fixing the edge of the mattress, or
      in some other way);
    • under the pelvic region can lay a special inflatable rubber wheels;
    • the patient should be during the day to turn his back on his side, leaving it there for an hour or two;
    • areas exposed to pressure, must be carefully massaged to improve circulation;
    • turning the patient from the back to the side, it is necessary "to ventilate
      skin "in the places where he was lying, that is, for a time not
      covered with a blanket;
    • temperature and clothing (including covers) must be such that the skin does not sweat;
    • systematically perform all treatments with medicines.

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