What are bedsores, prevention and treatment


  • What bedsores
  • Treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers

  • What bedsores

    Bedsores in the strict sense are not
    disorder associated with damage to the skin from contact with the bed. it
    disorder occurs due to pressure on the bone skin. When a person without movement
    is long in one place, those parts of the body where the bones are located close to the
    skin become red and sore. This is due to compression of the skin on one side
    bone, on the other - the bed. As a result of compression appear
    irritation and inflammation of the skin.

    Decubitus, in fact, do not meet this
    The medical term. They develop not only in humans, bedridden.
    People who spend a lot of time in an armchair on wheels, are also affected by these
    disorders, because certain parts of the body, particularly in
    buttocks, they feel even more pressure.

    In the early stages of pressure ulcers, which are properly called
    wounds or sores due to pressure, looks like reddened slightly
    swollen skin that does not heal. If left untreated,
    damage increase. Typically, the skin begins to crack, form open
    wounds and associated infection. In very severe cases, there is a
    destruction of tissues that are exposed muscle and bone.

    Undoubtedly, pressure ulcers are usually seen in patients,
    bedridden. Any person who is in a few weeks
    hospital or even spends a few days at home in bed during the flu can
    bedsores start - in the form of redness. Education can bedsores
    even start one hour after the crushing of the skin, and the position will be
    all complicated, which causes friction and irritation of the skin: lack of hygiene,
    urinary incontinence, circulatory disorders, abrasions associated with the efforts of
    while movements in bed. With all of these disorders must face
    Seriously ill people. Pressure sores usually occur in the back, rump and
    buttocks. But they can also occur on the knees, ankles, heels and back of the head.

    bowl Bedsores occur in older people, because
    they are less mobile have thinner skin and it is less capable of
    to resist the pressure.

    Treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers

    The most favorable time for the treatment of pressure ulcers -
    this is the stage that precedes the formation of bubbles. If education was
    bubble, should be prepared for the duration of treatment. These wounds heal very
    slow, and recovery periods are calculated, not days and weeks.

    Of course, it is best to prevent the formation of
    Skin is necessary to continuously monitor the patient lying to
    it is not subjected to stimulation. Where there is evidence of bedsores education
    The following measures should be taken.

    Eliminate pressure. Reducing pressure
    in defeat - this is the most important thing you can do. AT
    Specifically, a lying person to be rotated from one side to the other if
    bedsores are marked on the back. If the person using the wheelchair
    stroller, formed bedsores and the buttocks, put him to bed on his side
    or stomach as long as it will not heal ulcers.

    What are bedsores, prevention and treatmentKeep track of the movements. Most change
    body position. If a person is able to move independently, watch,
    so he changed his body position every 15 minutes. If the person for whom you
    caring, can not move, rotate it to a new location at least
    every hour (when the patient is in the chair), or every two hours
    (If he is in bed).

    Use inflatable mattress. An inflatable mattress with pump under the bed
    It is a much better way to reduce the pressure. You can then swap, the

    Treat bedsores by appropriate
    Decubitus first treated with saline. Then
    adhesive is applied to a wound dressing made of transparent film. It remains
    on a wound up to four days. The fact is that special substances are formed in the body - growth factors. They promote wound healing. If you change the bandage
    every day, and these substances are removed from the skin before they have time
    express themselves in action. Hermetic bandage provides reliable contact
    growth factors and accelerates wound healing.

    Use caution when caring for
    In people suffering from urinary incontinence, and bedridden patients
    the likelihood of pressure ulcers is several times higher than that of ordinary people,
    because the urine and feces have an irritating effect on the skin. These people need
    careful skin care. While taking care of them, use tools, specifically
    intended for washing and rubbing of the skin in cases of urinary incontinence.

    Watch out for power to maintain the skin in
    The first thing that strikes patients with
    bedsores - this depletion. The skin is the body that takes the most
    a large space in the body. Like other authorities, it is also subject to
    seriously damaged Mr. iyam when not receiving sufficient amount of a nutrient
    substances. To nourish the skin. Drink every day for at least eight glasses
    water and follow a balanced diet with plenty of protein. Protein
    reducing material is in the body, it is essential for
    maintaining a healthy skin.

    Take vitamin C. research
    show that taking of vitamin C in an amount of 500 mg twice a day
    It reduces the damaged area with bedsores up to 84%. But before the
    therapy with vitamin C to get your doctor's approval.

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