10 facts about the kiss that you like


1. Kissing strengthen the immune system

10 facts about the kiss that you likeYes, and do not laugh. For example, in the "Journal of Medical Hypotheses" was published a study showing that women, patients with cytomegalovirus, recovered faster if they were kissing someone often. And all the rest, who, fortunately, did not meet with the disease, it is useful to know that the kiss we get small doses of pathogens of various diseases, which act like a vaccine, helping the body to produce antibodies.

2. Kissing helps lose weight

In just a minute kiss burns two to six calories. So safely passionately and selflessly Kiss instead of exhausting cardio.

3. Kissing relax and reduce stress

During a kiss in the body releases a hormoneoxytocin - the most natural sedative in the world. But not only oxytocin. Endorphins, hormones of well-being, also activated when you kiss. But even that's not all! Most eyforistichny hormone, dopamine, is also actively produced until your lips touch the lips of a loved one. A dopamine - a wonderful relaxant. It is no coincidence, he engages in battle during shopping, giving a welcome relaxation after a relentless stress.

4. Kissing prevent aging

In the most literal sense. While we already know that kissing stimulates extra calorie burning, we forget what actively working facial muscles. And who really carries out a complex daily lifting exercises for the cheeks, chin and neck? He who kisses a lot! Kiss employs thirty different muscles, and actively cutting, they interfere with the skin to sag.

5. Kissing cherish dental health

That's really the news as news! And it's simple. If your passionate kiss, if you are kissing a loved one, using not only lips, but also the language - produce more saliva. A saliva, washing teeth and gums, neutralizes the bacteria that destroy teeth.

6. Kissing treat allergies

Another study revealed an interesting fact. As long as you kiss, the body is lowered levels of immunoglobulin E. This antibody, which release histamine, responsible for allergic symptoms like runny nose and lacrimation of eyes. So, probably those who kiss a lot easier to survive and cold, and dusty room.

7. Kissing heals the heart

10 facts about the kiss that you likeThe mechanism is simple. By reducing stress, helping to relax the body, raising the mood, kiss indirectly affects blood pressure levels, of course, it is reduced. And if we talk about the exciting kisses property, the heart is also trained to give all possible load.

8. Kissing relieve pain

These endorphins, which literally started upto dance when you're kissing, you will have a great service, if you have chronic pain. For example, back pain after a hard day of kisses can withdraw almost completely. At least to reduce it significantly. Based on their research, the scientists say that the analgesic effect of kissing is much higher than from drugs like morphine.

9. Kissing prolong life

Of course, not in itself, but as a sign of a stronghappy family. Still kissing play a role in longevity. After all, if you are happy in marriage, having a spouse tenderness and love, you want to kiss him. The more you touch each other (including the lips), the both of you happier, calmer and less nervous and worried. So you can live a hundred years.

10. Kissing useful during menstruation

Many women complain of abdominal cramps andheadaches in the early days of the menstrual cycle. Then, as a natural female desire - curl up and do not move, doctors suggest otherwise. Kiss - they say. During a long kiss by the action of hormones dilate blood vessels, and cramps disappear. So kiss - also excellent antispasmodic.

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