Health Massage


Health MassageTherapeutic and wellness principles of massage are based on the deep knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and human physiology. Massage involves full relaxation and removal of tension from muscles, enhancing blood circulation and breathing through the skin. This therapeutic procedure improves blood flow, which, in turn, stimulates metabolic processes. Specialist-massage therapist without equipment, preparations and tablets, only in sensitive fingers able to recognize the problem and help in its resolution.

Several massage sessions are able to stop or remove pain syndrome, improve the flexibility and mobility of the joints, help with osteochondrosis. In addition, massage relieves stress and tension, contributes to the improvement of general well-being. This procedure can be performed using fragrant oils, various ointments, creams and incense.

The main thing — «Do no harm!»

Lee is dangerous massage? This question did not occur by chance: there is a mass of examples when using the massage fails to achieve the desired result. Moreover, sometimes unprofessional actions of the massage therapist lead to the fact that the patient's condition is significantly aggravated until the total sharp spasm of the vessels in the heart muscle and the brain.

That's why entrusted your health is not just a familiar masseurist or employee of a cosmetic salon, but only a specialist with a certain level of education and the necessary qualifications. In its work, the competent massage therapist is based on the following postulates.

  • Organism — one system.
  • Do no harm.
  • A life — This movement.

Schools and Massage Principles

Massage — This is a set of special techniques that are used for mechanical or reflex influence on the body. As you know, the main means of exposure are masseur hands. In some cases, special devices are used: this is the so-called «Hardware» massage.

In the course of the procedure there should be no extra movement, each gesture of a professional massage officer performs a specific function and a task with which treatment is carried out.

There are several massage schools. So, the European School is widely known, which is based on four basic principles.

  • Stroking acts a relaxing way to the whole organism, improves vascular tone, reflexively affects the bark of the brain.
  • Rubbing is used to effect on deep layers of leather, heats the body surface, relieves pain.
  • Vibration improves blood circulation and tones muscles.
  • The kneading affects the subcutaneous fabric, eliminates stagnant phenomena and swelling, improves muscle tone.

Eastern School of Massage, based on the activation of biologically active points of the body.

Main indications for massage

Clinical trials prove that massage reduces blood pressure and insulin levels, eliminates the stiffness of body movements, promotes rejuvenation and removal of nervousness. In addition, the massage has a positive healing result when exposed to a variety of organism systems.

  • On the breathing system — As rehabilitation after transferred chronic bronchitis, pneumonia.
  • On the nervous system — In the treatment of neurites and neuralgia.
  • During diseases of the musculoskeletal system — With osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis of the joints.
  • In gynecological and urological diseases, including in infertility.
  • With orthopedic problems — Violation of posture, spinal curvature.
  • When treating the effects of injuries, fractures, forced heavy loads.
  • In preparing athletes for competitions, their post-traumatic recovery.
  • With asthenic syndrome, depression, apathy, fatigue, anxiety, neurosis.
  • With the delay in the psycho-emotional development of children, encephalopathy.

Think yourself, decide for yourself... What is dangerous massage?

Health MassageRegular professional massage — Indispensable prevention of many diseases. This procedure strengthens health, prolongs youth, provides a tide of energy and relieves irritation.

But here everything is concentrated «Underwater reefs» Any Massage. After the procedure, unforeseen complications may occur.

For example, elevated blood pressure involves a neck massage, but this is a very dangerous zone where the most important nervous plexuses and vessels pass. Easy touch of the hands of a professional makes it possible to recognize and find the desired area and at the same time can cause irreparable damage to the patient if at least the slightest error is allowed.

Massage made by non-professional, may well lead to damage to the muscular and nervous tissue, displacement of the vertebrae, infringement of the intervertebral hernia, the occurrence of acute inflammatory reactions. Unfortunately, cases when after massage sessions require additional long-term reduction treatment. More than once he was heard of strong painful sensations and extensive hematomas after a manual or hardware massage procedure.

Especially attentive in terms of massage should be humorous physique people. Instead of benefit in such cases, you can get serious damage and even fractures of ribs, bones and vertebrates.

It should be remembered that the implementation of the massage procedure is dangerous and harmful in diseases of the skin, heart and mental disorders. Inappropriate massage in the presence of malignant tumors, with inflammatory and infectious processes in the body, vessel thrombosis, elevated body temperature.

If you are in the hands of a professional, relax and enjoy. Massage can give excellent results in the plan of organism improvement. But, like in any case, be afraid of non-professionals — all troubles from them.

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