Caution, furuncul!


  • First signs
  • What can I do
  • How to treat
  • ethnoscience
  • Furunculosis

  • To the furunculam, in no case can not be treated,
    First, they are not so easy to cure, but secondly, for their appearance
    various diseases may be hidden about which you are not even

    Leather of any person, even if he does not suffer from excessive hair
    cover, literally dressed with a lot of hair bags, or
    Follicles in which the sebaceous glands opens. If in this structure
    infection penetrates, then the occurrence of acute purulent
    inflammation, or furuncule. Jumping once on hand or leg, he is not
    causing serious troubles, but, appearing in the tissues of the nose skin or
    auditory passage, furuncle is able to spoil life for a long time.

    First signs

    First, a small itch appears, which in a day or two
    replaced by redness and appearance of swelling. Most often that
    Small seal — About five millimeters. Sometimes cone-shaped
    The central part of inflammation depending on the degree of lesion can
    reach two or three centimeters in diameter. A little later in the center of the hearth
    Apply a stem from dead tissue. If there is no complications, then
    Furunkul disappears completely over a week and a half.

    If the purulent inflammation of several adjacent inflammation occurs
    hair bags, then there is a swelling of much larger sizes than with
    Simple Furunkul. In this case, the color of a strongly stretched skin at the place of edema
    Usually crimson, genus is possible. Such extensive inflammation
    called carbunkul. Carbuncoon is often accompanied by severe pain,
    increasing temperature, vomiting, and sometimes even faint.

    What can I do

    When the bruuncule is found on the body, even at the initial stage
    However, it is impossible to do what the most, — squeeze
    his. This is the most important rule that must be assimilated,
    Because when damaged the focus is possible further distribution
    Organization infections with severe consequences for him. Especially
    It is dangerous to touch the furuncula in groin, lactic glands of nursing mothers and on
    lying. If they appeared on the face above the mouth, the circulatory infection
    vessels can penetrate the brain, which can lead to
    the destruction of its fabrics and even death. Besides,
    spreading infection can cause inflammation and in the tissues themselves
    Vessels — thrombophlebitis of surface veins of the face.

    How to treat

    At the initial stage of development of a furuncule, the first help can
    Become imposing on the focus of inflammation of a row with alcohol-containing
    solutions. But if pain and redness increase, be sure to
    Contact doctor. If there is no complications, you will be empty
    Pellet, and subsequently for effective wound healing without a scar
    Different epithelials will be prescribed. In abscess
    Furunkula, T. E. exit of the purulent process beyond the hair
    Bag, probably will need surgical intervention. Also
    Concerns and Carbunkula — The focus of inflammation is opened, remove the pussy and
    dead fabrics and then tied with ointments.


    Caution, furuncle!
    Sometimes to get rid of the furuncule you have to act
    on one's own. They may appear unexpectedly in a multi-day mountain
    hike, tourist trip and t. D. And then methods come to the rescue
    folk medicine that need to be used very carefully.

    The first rule — It is necessary to ensure the purity of the hands and all
    used primary funds. Hands better wash at the same time
    Economic Soap of the Old Soviet Sample — It deals perfectly
    Microbes. The most common and famous folk recipe can be
    count dressing using baked onions. It is cut in half
    and applied to the hearth inflammation. After a few hours you need to replace
    Lukovitsa. In order for boils faster to break through, you can do
    Pharmacy and some medicinal plants. So, one of the most
    Vyaz rusty is considered potent in this respect,
    which because of his properties nicknamed «Knife herbalist». Corta knage
    It is necessary to crowned in boiling water before the formation of Cashitz. Temperature
    Means when applying must be as high as possible. Also out
    medicinal herbs to accelerate the ripening of boils apply wide
    famous countertop, crushed leaves of which are tied up on
    Sick place. Even simpler, but quite effective way
    Treatment is applying to the inflamed space of the cut head
    garlic or crawling garlic. Our grandfathers used
    Pharmaceans of flax seeds: crowded seeds were covered with boiling water and
    Applied to the place of inflammation.

    There are more exotic ways of treating boils, for example
    using various oils. So, for disinfection of tissues use
    2 percent solution of lavender essential oil. From it you can do
    Hot compresses.


    If the furuncle jumped at you for the first time and did not cause complications, then
    No reason for serious concern. But if after him
    followed by another, third, then you are sick furunculosis. The cause of it
    The appearance may be a violation of personal hygiene rules and excessive
    sweating, especially in summer. That is why furuncules most often
    appear on those areas of the skin where more sweat is highlighted as well
    Best hard glands work. Output from the created position
    can be only close attention to personal hygiene — need more often
    take shower, change clothes, use various
    Antibacterial skin care products.

    Unfortunately, everything can be much more serious because, how
    Rule, furunculez — this is a consequence of some disease. One of
    The most common causes of its appearance is the presence
    Staphylococcus blood. It can also be diabetes or other
    Diseases associated with metabolic disorders, decreased immune
    protection of the body or lack of vitamins. Quite often Ot
    Furunculez suffer from people with constant wrong nutrition —
    Outbupping carbohydrates. In this case, you need to abandon the flour and
    Sweet. Generally, the general unhealthy state of the body, its exhaustion
    may also express in the form of a furunculese.

    In other words, to identify the exact cause of this disease
    Serious medical examination is required — another solution solution
    This problem, unfortunately, no. Exception can only be considered
    Furunculosis in people of young age — up to 25 years old. Most often in this
    case he is associated with a hormonal restructuring of the body.

    Also, various microtraums contribute to the appearance of furunculosis
    skin, its constant irritation by chemically active substances and. T.NS.

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