Alternative treatments for chronic pain


  • What treatment to choose

  • What treatment to choose

    Additional methods for the treatment of chronic pain may include:

    Physiotherapy, which may includeuse of heat and cold treatments to alleviate the pain of certain areas of the body, and exercise to develop strength, flexibility and mobility.

    Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation(TENS), which is performed by connecting the wires to the patch on the skin for the application of brief electrical pulses to nerve endings in the skin in order to ease the pain.

    Professional counseling, such ascognitive-behavioral therapy. This treatment focuses on your mental health and conditions such as stress and depression may contribute to the development of chronic pain or become its result. In order to recover from chronic pain, it is important to be healthy, both emotionally and physically.

    Your doctor may refer you to a clinic treatmentpain in order to get these types of treatments. These clinics are the institutions where you can get treatment and learn how to cope with chronic pain. The treatment is usually performed by medical professionals who work together to identify and eliminate all possible causes of your chronic pain. You can also get these treatments with your doctor or specialist for the treatment of chronic pain.

    Complementary and alternative therapies can relieve pain, help to cope with stress and improve your emotional and physical condition.

    They include:

    • Alternative treatments for chronic painAcupuncture treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine, in which the skin at specific points are introduced very thin needles to stimulate energy flow.
    • Aromatherapy, essential oils or therapy which includes the use of aromatic oils derived from plants for the treatment of diseases.
    • Biofeedback, a method of conscious control of body functions that are normally regulated by the body automatically, such as body temperature.
    • Chiropractic (manual therapy), treatmenthands-on based on the theory that the cause of many health problems (especially disorders of the nervous system) may be spinal subluxation.
    • Guidance images, a series of thoughts and suggestions that direct the human imagination in a relaxed, focused state.
    • Healing arms movements which affect the physical or emotional health without directly touching the person.
    • Homeopathy, or homeopathic medicine, which is a medical philosophy and practice based on the idea that the body is capable of self-healing.
    • Hydrotherapy, which uses water in any form, for the treatment of diseases or maintenance of health.
    • Hypnosis is a state whichfocused concentration during which a person is distracted from the outside world. Some people learn to control pain through concentration in such a specific way.
    • Therapy with a magnetic field, a treatment that uses magnets to stimulate the areas of the body in an attempt to maintain health and cure disease.
    • Massage, in which grinding bodies made of soft tissues, such as muscles, in order to help reduce tension and pain, improve blood flow, and promote relaxation.
    • Meditation, which is the practice of focusing your attention in order to help you feel calm, and give you a clear picture of your life.
    • Naturopathy, which is trying to improve the health,prevent disease and treat diseases promotes the idea of ​​the need to use organic food and exercise; a healthy, balanced lifestyle and approaches from other areas of complementary and alternative medicine (such as Ayurveda, homeopathy and herbal medicine).
    • Yoga, which uses meditation and exercise to help you develop flexibility and improve breathing, reduce stress and keep yourself healthy.

    If you decide to try one or more methodscomplementary or alternative therapy for your chronic pain, find doctors who have been trained and, where possible, certified in a particular therapy. Ask for advice from the person to whom you trust - your doctor, your family members or friends. Make sure that all of your doctors know about each type of treatment that you are using to relieve chronic pain.

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