Some foods and their benefits for the cardiovascular system


We eat oily fish - reduces cholesterol!

Some foods and their benefits for the cardiovascular systemFatty fish species, such as salmon, tuna,mackerel, trout, contain much omega-3 - Minerals, unlike saturated fat contained in most types of meat. This fish should be a major component of the heart-healthy diet. Based on substantial evidence, a nutritional International Association awarded the fatty acids omega-3 (EPA and DHA) "statement about the health benefits" for reducing the risk of coronary artery disease. This allows manufacturers of products with fatty acids omega-3 advertise their goods as reduces the risk of heart disease. Russian scientists, in turn, have shown that regular consumption of fish - even in small amounts - reducing the likelihood of heart attacks and heart attacks in women. Physicians surveyed about 80 thousand women: from those who ate about 100 grams of fish 2-4 times a week, the risk of coronary disease attacks was lower by 48%. Now dietary recommendations domestic cardiologists were supplemented by two weekly servings of fatty fish stogrammovye.

Chocolate - the good or harm?

Great ancient healer Avicenna said: "No poison and no cure: the whole thing in doses. In relation to chocolate - it could not be true. Chocolate, as used in reasonable quantities, of course, is a useful product. Among its useful properties worth mentioning preventive effect of chocolate in the fight against heart attacks and strokes, due to its ability to inhibit the formation of blood clots. Is considered useful for heart chocolate in which the cocoa content of at least 70%. Bitter chocolate strengthens the cardiovascular system, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood. Other varieties of chocolate does not bring such benefits because they contain a lot of sugar and a little cocoa beans.

Coffee and pressure

Many scholars argue that the abusecoffee can significantly increase the risk of heart disease. This is true if drinking day over 6 cups of coffee, in which case the risk of cardiovascular disease increases by 71%. When high blood pressure is best not to drink coffee. But there is increased pressure in a healthy person in the use of coffee - this issue remains controversial. Apparently, the effect of an "energy" drink is stored only for a short time. For those who always drinks coffee, this effect disappears. But when coffee reduced blood pressure just useful. Many gipotoniki can not exist without coffee, using it almost like a drug. Although the main thing to observe a measure.

The refill

The king of salads - olive oil. Lovers of olive oil are not only a delicious meal but also an excellent tool to support the work of the heart and blood vessels, because olive oil contains large amounts of essential fatty acids that help the body fight excess cholesterol. In addition, there is an olive oil and natural antioxidants - fat-soluble vitamins A and E, protecting heart muscle from free radicals.

It is known that the inhabitants of the Mediterranean region,who, like all Europeans, have a genetic predisposition to the deposition of cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels to die from heart attacks less often than their neighbors on the continent. And scientists seriously attribute this to the fact that the population in the Mediterranean diet dominated dishes prepared with olive oil.

nibbled nuts

Many nuts contain essential fatty acids,necessary for normal heart function. Most of them in ordinary pine and walnuts and almonds. Useful as a peanut, but a pure, not recycled in the viscous peanut butter. In addition, the nuts have protein and fiber - they perfectly satisfy hunger. No less important for the proper operation of the heart and other sources of unsaturated fatty acids - sunflower seeds. However, we should not forget that nuts are high in calories.

Porridge - our food

Instant its useful fiberproperty inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the body, from food. Cereals are good allies of the heart in the fight against atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease. For example, oatmeal contains large amounts of beneficial omega - 3 fatty acids and potassium. They prevent the development of atherosclerosis and coronary disease. Choose whole grains: millet, brown rice, oatmeal, barley (for us this pearl barley and barley), corn and buckwheat. Buckwheat is not a cereal crops, but it is their "relative" and only it contains a lot of routine - a substance that improves blood circulation, returns elasticity and strength of capillaries and blood vessels and prevents their clogging. Barley also contains many useful dietary fiber, reducing the level of "harmful" cholesterol in the body, and the corn will provide us with the necessary amino acids and antioxidants, particularly if you eat it with beans and other beans.


Red beans and lentils contain a lot ofof fiber and potassium. They are very nutritious and can be replaced by any high-calorie side dish. Beans contain several types of flavonoids - substances that are indispensable prevention of hypertension.

Lack of fatty acids, a large protein, fiber, iron and folic acid make beans and legumes real gift for your heart!


Almost all vegetables are beneficial not only for the heart, butand for health in general, but some of them can be called a real gift of nature. For example, broccoli is considered the most useful of all kinds of cabbage, it contains as many antioxidants and minerals that it is considered the best product, providing the prevention of atherosclerosis; This bright green sprouts almost completely neutralizes carcinogens, which just fall into our body. Pumpkin contains a huge amount of beta - carotene, vitamin C and potassium, which is great help fight atherosclerosis vessels of the heart. Pumpkin normalizes water-salt balance in the body and lowers blood pressure well. Through its member polyunsaturated fatty acids, avocado significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, because the shortage of these acids is one of the causes of the violation of cholesterol metabolism and atherosclerosis. Potassium contained in the avocado helps correct the heart and relieves stress, which is one of the leading factors in the development of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Due to the normalization of water-salt metabolism in the body avocado helps lower blood pressure. Avocado contains a complex of vitamins and minerals needed for normal blood formation and circulation.


All berries are very useful, nutritious and slowthe aging process. The berries contain potassium, which displays the body of excess fluid, improves heart function and reduces swelling. Potassium is necessary for an organism with arrhythmias and congestive heart failure. Magnesium, together with potassium, removes excess fluid, dilates blood vessels and lower blood pressure. Vitamin C strengthens and protects the wall of blood vessels, vitamin E - protects the smallest blood vessels (capillaries) and reduces the permeability of the vascular wall. Fiber contributes to the rapid excretion of harmful substances and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.


Eating apples has a positive effect on jobabsolutely the whole organism, including reducing the risk of heart disease. So contained in apples vegetable fibers and vitamins may reduce blood cholesterol levels. In diseases of the heart are often prescribed fasting (apple) days spent which helps to reduce weight, reduce swelling, improve digestion and normalize blood pressure.

Contained in apples potassium activates theexcretory system, and pectin fiber reduce blood cholesterol. Pectins bind harmful substances in the intestine and promote speedy evacuation from the body, providing its purification. Organic apple acid regulate the acid balance in the body and reduce the chances of developing diabetes and gout.

Pomegranate thins the blood and prevents the formation ofatherosclerosis, normalizes blood circulation. Cherries are rich in glucose, which nourishes the heart muscle pectins that display the body of excess cholesterol. Furthermore, they contain a coumarin, which prevents the formation of thrombi. Moreover, in contrast to the dosage form, cherry coumarin overdose is impossible.

Protect the heart from the cholesterol and helps apricots- Dried apricots. These dried fruits are very rich in potassium and natural antioxidants that help protect the heart and blood vessels from free radicals. Doctors believe that a couple of handfuls of dried apricots a day may protect people from even reinfarction.

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