Food and drugs: Dangerous Interactions


Ham with chocolate? Ice cream with chili? Caramelized sweet onions? There are quite a wild combination, which in practice are surprisingly tasty and healthy dishes. But when it comes to the combination of drugs and food, it is necessary "to study materiel." Manufacturers of medicines are not always written in the instructions, with which you can not use their products, so we have to fill the gaps. So, seven dangerous combination "product + medicine".

1. Citrus + cough medicine

Food and drugs: Dangerous Interactions
About grapefruit juice we have written more than once. But other citrus causing scientists concern. Dr. Mary Ellen Gullickson pharmacology of Marshfildskoy Clinic in Wisconsin revealed that limes, pomelo and bitter orange inhibit the action of enzymes that break down dextromethorphan - a substance cough suppressant. Without the protective effect of dextromethorphan enzymes in unmodified form into the blood and can cause severe drowsiness and hallucinations. The effect of one or more small lime lobules pomelo saved during the day in some cases longer. So if you are taking symptomatic medications for coughs, ask if there is a part of dekstrometorfvana, and combine them with limes, grapefruit, pomelo and other suspicious citrus.

2. Dairy products + antibiotics

Some antibiotics are associated with the bodycalcium, iron and other minerals that we get from dairy products. As a result, the antibiotic is not absorbed into the blood stream and is ineffective in combating bacterial infections.

If you are going to spend on drink a course of an antibiotic, check witha doctor or on the internet, does not apply to you whether prescribed substance to the group of tetracyclines and fluoroquinolones. If true, you need to eliminate milk, yoghurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, cheese and all other dairy products for two hours prior to drug administration and for two hours after.

If the parallel with the antibiotic you are taking a multivitamin or mineral preparations, the story is the same. Discuss with your doctor to prescribe antibiotics, the scheme receive all drugs.

3. Smoked meat (and not only!) + Antidepressants

If your antidepressant is classifiedtiraminazy inhibitors (monoamine oxidase), it should not be combined with foods rich in the amino acid tyramine. Violation of the rules can cause increased blood pressure and lead to stroke or myocardial infarction.

Tyramine lot not only in smoked meat,sausages and smoked fish. If you are taking antidepressants of this group, for the duration of the reception you have to forget about the "old" cheese, red wine, soy sauce, dark and domestic beer. Replace these foods safer analogues: sausages and smoked meat - boiled pork homemade, mature cheese - immature, aged red wine - young red in homeopathic doses, or ordinary white, soy sauce - sea salt, favorite dark beer - bottled or canned light and unfiltered.

"Good news: in recent years have increasingly latest generation of antidepressants are appointed, not affecting the increase in tyramine "- comforting patients Nicole Ghattas, Doctor of Pharmacology College of Pharmacy in St. Louis.

4. Chocolate + "Ritalin"

Chocolate and RitalinChocolate contains not only caffeine, butother stimulants - theobromine. Tom Wheeler, a doctor of pharmacology, who works in the Masonic Medical Center in Chicago, warned: "Chocolate should not be given to dogs, because their bodies can not break down theobromine; Theobromine can kill your four-legged pet. " In humans, the combination of "Ritalin" with caffeine and theobromine can result in loss of concentration, convulsions and even apoplexy (stroke).

"Ritalin" and its analogues (drugs containingMethylphenidate) has recently been appointed to the weak psihostimulyatsii with fatigue, ADD (D), apathy, after a stroke or in the treatment of obesity. In Russia and some other countries methylphenidate withdrawal and denied to the destination. However, it prescribed in the United States, Canada and many countries in Europe and Latin America. Be careful when treating outside Russia: combining methylphenidate with chocolate is very dangerous. "The darker the chocolate, the higher the risk," - adds Dr. Wheeler.

5. Apple cider and citrus juice + antihistamines

Do not drink apple, grapefruit and orangejuices, if treated by allergy medications containing fexofenadine. These juices enhance the effect of peptides that carry the drug from the digestive system into the blood stream. As a result, the effect of the substance is reduced by 70%, and you're left with your allergic symptoms.

Those juices can interfere with the action of certain antibiotics and drugs prescribed for asthma and thyroid diseases.

6. Cinnamon + warfarin

If you are taking the anticoagulant warfarin,Avoid cinnamon. "In cinnamon contains coumarin, a blood thinner and able to damage the liver," - warns Eric Newman, MD, of the Medical Relief Center in Baltimore. Warfarin, depressing blood clotting and prevents the formation of blood clots, needs occasional helpers and their disservice.

7. Alcohol + acetaminophen ( "Paracetamol")

Analgesic acetaminophen in combination with alcoholIt leads to destruction of the liver and kidney damage. If you are taking medications with acetaminophen, alcohol should not drink for six hours before the reception and within six hours after. Simply put, "Paracetamol" is not compatible with alcohol. Do not remove the pain of this medicine if you drink every day.

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