How to organize care for patients with stroke


Tips on caring for stroke patients

After a stroke can be long
time saved movement disorders (hemiparesis, gemiparalich)
speech disorders and other disorders. Restoration of disturbed functions
It is slow, so stroke patients require
particular attention and careful professional care. What to
Unfortunately, not always present in urban hospitals.

acute phase of the disease, special attention should be paid to prevention
respiratory disorders, the development of pneumonia, as well as prevention
bedsores. It is necessary to rotate the patient every two hours
the lateral position. Of great importance are obschegigienicheskih
events, skin care, daily rubbing camphor alcohol,
special toilet water or a mixture of vodka with shampoo. When
redness and skin maceration - treatment solution of manganese
(Potassium permanganate).

The patient need to wash away daily. at
the use of a vessel or duck under them put oilcloth topped
diaper. If incontinence is possible and convenient to use diapers, but
if your patient is under constant supervision, better
moisture absorption using disposable diapers.

How to organize care for patients with stroke
It is also necessary to monitor the oral cavity mucous membrane may be treated 5 percent solution of soda or borax with glycerol.

patient feeding him seated or lifted his head in
depending on the condition. But in case of violation of the swallowing reflex,
special feeding techniques used. The food should be easily
digestible, fortified.

It is necessary to constantly monitor the work of the intestine, in critically ill most effective is the enema.

importance is the position of the patient in bed. Since the stroke
develops the characteristic tone change, you must make
physiologically correct position of the body, especially the affected
limbs. To this end, used for hand splints, cut from
plywood covered with cotton and bandages. The hand must be to straighten the elbow
joint, fingers and unfolded apart, superimposed on the splint
palmar surface and secured with a bandage to half of the forearm. Leg
It should be bent at the knee up to 15-20 degrees below the knee
cushion is enclosed, the foot is bent to 90 degrees, and should have
emphasis. The patient should be rotated and laid in such situation every
2-3 hours.

Drug treatment of the patient depends on the lead
vascular disease. When hypertension is necessary to maintain
optimal pressure (intake hood, norvasc, and other korinfarma
antihypertensive drugs). To improve cerebral blood flow
used vasoactive drugs (aminophylline, Sermion, caviton,
vinpocetine etc.). Apart from these medications, neurotrophic applied
drugs (semaks, nootropil et al.)

Appointment of medical treatment only doctor of the patient.

Further, these patients require physical therapy, massage in
affected limbs. When naruschenii speech - in speech therapy sessions.

The process of restoring the affected function in patients undergoing
stroke can be very long. So be patient and
merciful to them. Caring, kind care for them is a must.

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