How to improve vision at home for a week


  • How to improve vision: exercise every day
  • Improve vision in the home: the five exercises
  • Precautionary measures

  • How to improve vision at home for a weekWhat kind of magic is needed to correct vision withoutpicking in the eyes of lasers and scalpels? It is not enough carrots with butter and carotene pills. But it is quite the most primitive exercises. No, you do not correct their "minus five" to "unit" for seven days. But what you will see better in a week - a fact. Improve vision in the home is not only possible, but quite simple: more than ten thousand people have benefited from exercise, and most of them took off his glasses forever.

    How to improve vision: exercise every day

    Couple conditions before you start to exercise.

    • Whole Week! Set realistic goals. Now, while you do not even have read the article, then move on an idea completely straighten the eyes. Today, you need to schedule the start of exercise for tomorrow, and make them exactly seven days. A week later, when you have a first result, we can talk about setting a long-term and large-scale problems.
    • Prepare to be that you could betoo easy and very difficult. Easy - because the exercises are really very simple. It is difficult - because the most tricky in the system - to believe that "impossible" is real. No placebo effect - pure exercise. Whether you believe in these exercises or not, if you will faithfully perform the job, you get a stunning result within a week.

    Improve vision in the home: the five exercises


    Without this exercise, move to the other can not. Master the "Gleam" - and the rest will be much easier. Master your shell - patience.

    Perform the exercise should be the day on the street (asoption: you can look out the window). Select a sign or poster with a contrast large text. Step away from the text on the distance at which you are no longer free to distinguish the inscription. It must be so implicitly, so you can read it only a brief moment after blinking.

    Starts to blink. After each try to read the text blink. Blink as often as you feel comfortable (usually - once per second). The duration of the exercises themselves Pick up maximum one day - one hour. The second exercise you can move, when the period of "glimpse" (you can see the letters clearly) is increased to two or three seconds, and you do not have to blink often to read the inscription.

    "The firing on the targets'

    How to improve vision: simple exercisesAdd to the first object (text) of the second,which will be located just in front of your nose. This can be raised your hand to eye level, or any other physical fixed object. The first object is also possible to replace: the closer to the horizon it will be, the more effective the exercise will be.

    Successively, at a frequency of about once persecond, looking from the first object to a second, blinking and catching "glimmer." The task - to reach a state where you can focus on the two sites and at the same time to blink only once every three or four seconds (during which time three or four times to switch the focus of view).


    Exercise need to perform in any situation, when you have tired eyes, regardless of whether there was discomfort during other exercises or any other activity.

    Close your eyes. Tightly cover the eyes with his hands so that his hands passed into the light as little as possible. Open your eyes and look into the darkness, trying to disconnect from the visual images that are beginning to flash before his eyes. Perform each exercise until you feel that the eyes became more comfortable.


    Exercise - an extended version of "glimpses". Focusing on the line, reaching the sensation of visual perception of the text, start the "rock" look, moving eyes on the line side to side and not blinking. If the focus is blurred, blink again, focus and continue rocking.

    Exercise Option - "Chinese idol". All the same is this: seize the moment of acute vision, eyes fixed on the object and begin to shake his head from side to side, his eyes without moving.

    "The light beam"

    It is best to exercise to use the sun, but its lack of a suitable and scattered sunlight, and electric bulb with a bulb of any light, warm or cold.

    Close your eyes tightly, but not zazhmurivayas. For a minute, substitute the face of the world. Perform five times a day.

    Precautionary measures

    Now you know the way to improve vision: Exercises that will bring keen eyesight if they perform every day. Every day, the execution will take less time. The most time-consuming day - first when you learn to catch glimpses of acute vision.

    During exercise there is only oneimportant safety rule. If you feel that your eyes get tired, do the exercise "Rest". If it does not work, switch to a different type of activity. Exercises should be done in a fun, getting them only positive emotions.

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