How to improve memory and attention without drugs


- Doctor, I have memory lapses.
- How long have you got?
- What a long time?
- Dips.
- What are the gaps?
(Bearded anecdote)

How to improve memory and attention without drugsHave you ever complained that constantlyYou forget to make a scheduled? Have you wondered how to improve memory and attention, without resorting to questionable drugs and untested supplements? On the Internet a lot of information on how to develop and improve the memory of the child, but little has been written about how to improve memory and attention of adults, whose brains are not as sensitive as it is for children. We decided to fill this unfortunate gap and share ways to convince your brain to work more than the standard ten percent.

The secret of the first: we'll have to work hard

One could write a banal statement fromseries "How to develop and improve memory quickly and easily," but it would be a frank lie. Easily, easily and without making efforts memory will remain full of holes and gaps will fail and phone numbers, and the names and important dates. The first rule is: to get a good memory, it is necessary to train - every day.

Even if you were born with perfect ability to memorize, you easily debased its full natural potential, if you do not pay attention to your gift.

Secret two: anywhere without the daily routine

Whatever you do, no matter how they wanted to improvememory, if you regularly stay up after midnight, on weekends to sleep until noon, and in addition there is not full, and snacking on something when you can forget about the development of memory. Take a pen and write.

  • To the brain worked without a glitch, you have to go to beduntil midnight. Do not flatter yourself that tomorrow you can sleep until ten in the morning. It is better to lie down at 23:00 and set the alarm clock at 7: 00-8: 00. Biological clock is not deceive: the rare hardened "owl" really feel cheerful and fresh, if fall in three or four in the morning and get up around noon. Everyone else just knocked normal "sleepy" rhythm.
  • Sleep in the dark. Hang on a window the dark thick curtains, put on a mask to sleep, covering his head with a blanket - think of anything, just do not allow yourself to sleep at half-light. Even strip light lamps from the ceiling and walls prevent produce melatonin. By the way, yes, get home melatonin tablets. If you do not eat it instead of dinner, and used in case of emergency, it is harmless. For example, today you hornier and feel that you can not get to sleep on time.
  • The bedroom should be cool. Tired of the day brain needs a lot of oxygen. Leaving the shower before going to bed, open wide the window or balcony door - your head will thank you. A warm up and quickly fall asleep to help half a cup of hot milk (by the way, good sleeping pills) and warm socks.

Secret three: again we are about banalities

You may say that we are already fed up with the endlessphysical activity. And we are not going to you to keep. No one has yet to improve their health without moving. Not to lose weight or cure chronic disease or strengthen the immune system or improve memory is not possible if only move between a refrigerator, a sofa, a lift and a car.

Engage in activities already! If you are "and so do" walking a day, six hundred meters from the bus stop to the house, you can be congratulated with the growing illusion sports and with the growing forgetfulness. Sport - is to run every day, at least ten minutes. Sport - is five kilometers a day briskly. Sport - is the hour of swimming a week, an hour "iron" in the gym four hours of active stretching.

Cycling and rollerblading, climbingwalls in the gym, jump on the trampoline, play soccer and get involved in hiking - it is a sport. Play checkers and chess, solve crossword puzzles, even a cut in "Preference" - sports, only the brain, which also requires you as the air.

Secret Four: food for thought

Six tips on how to develop and improve memoryIt is logical to continue the list, launched above. Read, but not only humor column in free newspapers and television program, but also as many books as possible. Read Russian and foreign classics, read modernist poetry and read contemporary authors on the Internet and blogs psychologists, writers and interesting people.

Solve puzzles, play board games(They are now a great many!), Download imagine, finally, on the phone a couple of games, coaching attention, memory and dexterity. Use the resources around you! Or sixty years, you will find not weak memory lapses, of course, if they have not yet suffering.

Secret Five: Body Food

Eat the right food! Forget rigid diets that deprive you of the mind and memory. Eat lots of carbohydrates - only the right, challenging. Get enough fat, but not from the buns and biscuits in margarine and right - from olive oil, meat and avocado. Allow yourself the necessary minimum of protein, which is essential for building and repairing the brain cells.

Eat plenty of green, from time to time give to themselves a course of vitamins, drink fresh juices and indulge themselves with exotic fruits.

Secret Six: exercise-in-itself

Coaching memory can and should be using ... memory training. That's so trivial. Learn poems and prose pieces by heart, remember phone numbers (after all, as a child you have known them than a dozen). Keep track of everything that you can remember without writing - and you will render great service his memory. After all, what could be nicer than eighty years, surround yourself with great-grandson, in great detail to tell us how you did at twenty madness.

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