How to take the medication?


How to drink pills, take medication and receive the result?Question proper medication sooner or later rises
in front of each person. It would seem that complicated to properly drink tablets.
However, only 20% of patients on statistics competently take medicine prescribed
doctor. Almost every second patient came out of the doctor's office, it is absolutely
forgets the recommendations received, at best - remember the name of the drug.
At the same time, the question "when and how
the right to take medicine, "is not idle, because of this in the
It depends largely on the effectiveness of treatment and outcome.

Here are some of medication rules.

  • distinctly
    Observe the number of intakes

    Remember that prescribing the drug 2 times
    per day, the word "day" means a doctor is not part of the light of day, and all 24
    hours. So, to drink
    tablets twice - after 12 hours and in most cases not so important,
    at what time you are planning the first medication. The exception is,
    for example, hypnotics, taken close to bedtime, and cardiac
    anti-asthmatics, which is recommended to drink before midnight, drugs
    anti-ulcer action is most expected in the morning hours.

How to take the medication an emergency? The answer is simple:
at a time when the assistance is required.

  • How to drink tablets:
    "Before the meal", "eating", "after eating"
    or in general, regardless of reception
    food? It is very important to follow the doctor's recommendation, because the drug - a chemical
    substances which interact with the body fluids and tissues. TO
    eg, acetylsalicylic acid irritates the stomach lining, antibiotics, macrolide destroyed by gastric juice. Some medications, such as
    cardiac glycosides, antiarrhythmics, sulfonamides do not tolerate the neighborhood with food,
    it prevents their absorption, while others are in need of it and move on
    digestive tract together with a bolus, for example, enzyme

Take medicine
- Which means 30-40 minutes before breakfast, when the stomach yet
digestive enzymes. Moreover, tablets can not drink anything before taking,
even tea with candy.

Drink tablets "before meals"
It means that before taking the medicine you do not need to eat for 30-40
minutes and the same time you do not take food after drink
him. However, in some cases, it is assumed that during this time you
certainly go and therefore specify how to take the medicine with your doctor.

Receiving drugs "while eating" often it does not cause problems. But it is necessary to bear in mind,
that the word "food" does not necessarily mean eating three meals. If
pills coincides with breakfast, lunch or dinner - well, if not - it is quite enough to toast with tea or a glass of milk.

Consider also that annoying stomach
drugs, for instance, aspirin should not be confused with acute and acidic food,
antidepressants combined with products rich tyramine, for example,
cheese, fish eggs, soy sauce, otherwise - your daytime sleepiness

How to drink tablets "after
Food "?
There needs to be sorted. Immediately "after eating" normally accepted
drugs that irritate the stomach, and after 2 hours after ingestion, means
reducing gastric acidity.

eating "
often take antibiotics, antihypertensive and anti-diarrhea, antacid.

If the doctor did not specify the order of taking the pills, but in the instructions there is no indication as to take the medication correctly,
therefore, the drug should drink 30 minutes before meals. Incidentally, this recommendation
It refers to the majority of drugs.

  • Pills
    should drink plain water,
    if no other recommendations. It's not tea,
    not juice, not juice, namely, non-carbonated drinking water.
  • How to drink tablets
    or encapsulated drugs?
    Remember, anything that is put on the skin or
    capsule should not be chewed or nadkusyvat. Only the "naked" tablets can be
    pulverize, it accelerates their absorption. Chewable tablets recommended
    chew thoroughly, sucking - dissolve. Release form of the drug
    not selected for beauty and not for the convenience of the patient and on the basis of
    Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the drug.
  • Not
    combine incongruous!
    Ideally, all drugs should be taken
    apart. But how to
    drink tablets if their number exceeds 2-3 pieces and let stand
    30 minute intervals between taking medication fails. Council is simple - consult
    your doctor or pharmacist.

Never Fill yourself
prescription "useful" in your opinion Drug "strengthen
immunity "," protecting the liver, "" accelerating recovery from colds' herbal
taxes. Always express their wishes for the doctor and check with him all
innovations. For the same reason, the doctor must know about all your illnesses and
appointments of other professionals.

  • Maintain
    the recommended course of medication.
    The most common drugs are prescribed to
    long term, based on the cumulative effect or to fasten
    the result. There is no other way to defeat the disease, or how to properly and long enough
    take medication.
  • Do not miss the reception of medicines.
    You can put the tablet in a prominent place, and if your forgetfulness, even if the need
    take a pill to remind the alarm.

If medication is missed, 1-2
an hour is not too late to take a pill, but if the time has passed more wait
next meal, but do not double the dose. Hormonal contraceptives and antibiotics require strict adherence
schedule reception.

Follow the rules
taking the pills! Only then will have taken medication and required action
will not cause adverse side effects.

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