Know your rights! To put free drugs?


  • What medicines are free of charge?
  • Who has the right to free medicine?
  • Who gives out "free" recipes?
  • Free medicines for children

  • In support of federal government exemptsIt spends more than 100 billion. rubles. According to statistics, more than 19 million. People in this country are entitled to free medicines, of which approximately 15.3 million. Man medicines prefer financial compensation and 3.7 million. Exercise their right to the fullest. Who is entitled to free medicines and how to implement it right?

    What medicines are free of charge?

    Know your rights! To put free drugs?To begin with, that the list of free medicinesapproved by the Government. The document regulating their preparation - the order Health Ministry of Russia "On approving the list of drugs, prescription by prescription in the provision of additional medical assistance to certain groups of citizens who are entitled to receive state social assistance" was adopted in September 2006. Since changes regularly introduced into it. Some drugs are excluded from this list, others are included, but in the end there is a tendency to its growth, which undoubtedly pleases.

    In the category of free agents hit allgroups of drugs: the opioid and non-opioid analgesics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents for the treatment of gout, allergies and parkinsonism, anticonvulsants, anxiolytics, antipsychotics, antidepressants, hypnotics, antibiotics, antiviral and antifungal agents, medicines for the treatment of cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive system, hormones, and many other drugs. In fact, any disease can be cured using only free agents.

    Who has the right to free medicine?

    The list of persons entitled to freemedicines prescribed in Article 6.1 of the Law № 178-FZ "On State Social Assistance" of July 17, 1999, in Article 125 of the Law № 122-FZ of 22.08.2004, to read them, please visit the Department of Health in Moscow.

    In short, getting free medicines guaranteed

    • Participants and invalids of the Great Patriotic War, veterans of combat operations.
    • People awarded the badge "Resident of blockade Leningrad".
    • Family members of war veterans, war invalids and the dead combatants.
    • Military personnel of military units, were not part of the army during the Second World War.
    • Soldiers of WWII awarded with orders and medals of the USSR.
    • Those who worked during the Second World War at military installations in the rear.
    • Members of the victims' families and hospital workers in Leningrad hospitals.
    • Persons with disabilities.
    • Disabled children.
    • Persons exposed to radiation from the Chernobyl catastrophe.
    In addition, free drugs intended for patients suffering from the following diseases:
    • hemophilia;
    • cystic fibrosis;
    • pituitary dwarfism;
    • Gaucher disease;
    • multiple sclerosis;
    • myeloid leukemia;
    • requiring immunosuppression after organ and tissue transplantation.

    Who gives out "free" recipes?

    Learn about what exactly free medications can be prescribed in a particular case, you can have your doctor or a representative of the health insurance organization to pay for treatment.

    Free medicines are issued by the attending physician according to medical testimony, the recipes are certified by the head of department.

    On the recipe must indicate its periodaction, usually one month. This time, during which the drug must be obtained from a pharmacy. In the absence of the drug can be requested similar effect cure. The term of prescription may be extended, in which case the pharmacy is obliged to organize the issuance of the requested medication for 10 days.

    If necessary, continue treatment, as well as in case of loss of the prescription, the doctor must prescribe medication again.

    Free medication prescribed by a doctor for a prescription is available to any person to whom the prescription is transferred. This is especially important when the patient himself is unable to pick up the medicine necessary.

    Free medicines for children

    Today, the right to free medicines in Russiahave children under three years, except for children under 6 years of large families. This includes babies who suffer from rare diseases threatening life, treatment extremely costly. It is enough to register the child in the community and get medical policy and SNILS in the pension fund office, to continue to receive free medicines if needed.

    Not so long ago stirred up publicproposal of the President of the National Medical Chamber, d. m. Sc., Professor Leonid Roshal on ensuring children up to 10 years of free drugs. Although this idea was supported by the medical and pharmaceutical industry representatives, experts doubt the possibility of implementing this initiative. And while lawmakers and officials will find ways to solve the problem, we can only wait and hope that the loss of the profit at the free issuing of medicines for children will not be offset by an increase in prices for medicines for adults.

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