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  • Moscow is aging. According to statistics, the average age of a Muscovite - 39 years, Muscovite - 41 year. But it was average. Overall, a quarter of the residents of the city - two and a half million - pensioners. And in their regiment arrives annually by 120-150 thousand people. While new born Muscovites a half times less.

    It would seem logical process for old womenEurope, if not one "but": to be unemployed pensioner in Moscow - a big job. And it's not so much the amount of the pension which allows the elderly to stay in front of the poverty line, but makes it impossible to enjoy life. In foreign countries it does not rvanesh, as do retired their foreign peers.

    Trouble Russian pensioners

    Business metropolis does not like helpless. And because the fabulous result of "they lived happily ever after" retirement in Moscow often looks like a sad irony for people who find themselves in a complete vacuum of loneliness. This shout data psychologists: it is the feeling of uselessness others, according to the Moscow Institute of Applied Psychology, leads the elderly residents of the capital not only to disease, but often to suicide. More than half of suicides occur just among pensioners, and only 30-40 percent of them - the mentally ill. In Russia the number of old people committed suicide on average increased by 10 percent per year. Moscow and St. Petersburg - the first in the black list. This is the data of the World Health Organization.

    What drives them to such a desperate step in Moscowwhere for a long time there is no war, devastation, which are constantly growing urban pension supplements? Of course, those who broke the contract with life, it will not ask. So the answer to the question of life and death, I tried to look for the representatives, so to speak, "at risk" - the capital of pensioners who feel lonely and neglected. And often, even when living relatives.

    sad stories

    Loneliness of older people"Grandson I'm not even calling without visiting: I was a burden to him. Besides his wife, took a dislike to me: says if specially not dying, not to give them an apartment, even though all the property in the long-grandson decorated, - says Larisa. - No, I do not complain to retire, but I repressed. "

    During '93 it was used to keep the offense in itself -It took more than one test of strength. Do not have time to get married and have a son, in 1937 it came to the "funnel" and sent to a camp for political prisoners. At five years. He survived. Returning from work found a job typist. But her husband died soon. Behind him, in 1944, died in the accident in-law, faded and son a few years later - the sister ...

    "Tired of life, I do not leave the house for eight years. Head spinning, falling continuously for a long time and can not get up, - confessed zhenschina.- from friends stayed one girlfriend, and she was not up to me often: small grandchildren. "

    Products? Once a week, the boy puts on social security, that's just a pity that the social card he had lost, and now discount stores do not give. She also could not assume that you can make a duplicate card, the boy had concealed it from her. She said only that used to trust people.

    Oddly enough, no less reason to withdraw andwithdraw into himself and is for those who are able to leave the house, and thus has access to a great life. For 72-year-old Elena Sitnikova, for example, it became a hit a banal fact. Her friend did not tell her about the wedding of his granddaughter, which she loved. "She thought I was certainly naproshus to the wedding, but for me it was important just to congratulate the girl that day. When I realized that I was pushed into the background, crying all day, "- says Elena. This stuff at first glance was enough to ensure that a woman has set a diagnosis of "no one wants pensioner" and fell ill: the legs were paralyzed.

    Catherine Markovna Drobysheva "offended" the refrigerator. The one that she donated as a social assistance to single home front workers were given to 9 May. She waited for him, it was for her a kind of "order" for merits before Fatherland. But the white box was not great and the imported and small and Russian. "I wanted to throw it away, because it irritated me," - he recalls with bitterness. Resentment is not held for a long time.

    Stories are different, and one final. Psychologists claim that in such a state to be one on one with a sense of uselessness life threatening.

    Trying to cope with loneliness

    Many self-preservation instinct makes us lookexit. social service department of protection centers that exist in the capital for ten years, conceived as an option help the elderly. It's kind of clubs are available, one in each of the 125 districts. In the dining room where you can dine in good company. To meet with social workers, psychologists, lawyers, health workers. On the basis of the centers from ten in the morning until six in the evening department of rehabilitation and work circles, concerts, celebrated birthdays, discussed ways of treating common ailments. But to get here, the ticket has to sometimes wait for almost years. Demand is greater than the possibility of centers accept all comers. In a short time in Moscow will open 60 more such centers. But the validity of the permit will remain the same - a month. , It is necessary to wait a year to get back for another month. Senior representatives say that the city has no money to feed all come free here. The fact that many are willing to come not so much for dinner, but for the sake of communication, does not seem to come to mind.

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