Panic attack


  • What is a panic disorder
  • How the panic attack is manifested

  • What is a panic disorder

    Panic attack
    Criterion of disorder in the form of panic reactions are
    Spontaneous, episodic and intense periods of anxiety, usually
    Overweight. Such panic attacks are often two
    times a week in persons susceptible to this disorder, although they can
    arise and less and more. Terms «panic attack» and «vegetative
    crisis» equally used to designate practically
    Identical states. Panic attack (vegetative crisis) -
    are the most striking and dramatic manifestation of the syndrome
    Vegetative dystonia.

    In turn, the vegetative dystonia syndrome (SVD) can
    occur and develop under the influence of numerous factors such,
    as hereditary-constitutional factors, psychophysiological
    Shifts (the effect of acute or chronic stress), hormonal
    Perestroika (periods of Pubertata, postpartum and climax),
    Organic Somatic Diseases (Psychosomatic
    diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, ulcerative
    disease, bronchial asthma, other somatic diseases),
    organic diseases of the nervous system (for example, violations in
    work of integrative brain systems, limbico-reticular
    complex, hypothalamic field, brain stem structures),
    Professional diseases (severe work in psychological or
    physical plane), neurosis, mental disorders (first
    turn depression). All these factors create primary prerequisites
    for the development of the syndrome, which may be complicated in the future
    The emergence of panic attacks (PA).

    Sigmund Freud at the end of the last century describes «Alarm attacks»,
    in which anxiety arose suddenly was not provoked
    any ideas, and accompanied breathing disorders, cardiac
    activities and other bodily functions. Similar states
    Described by Freud within «neurosis anxiety» or «Neurose
    anxiety». Word «panic» takes its origin on behalf of
    Ancient Greek God Pana. According to myths, unexpectedly appeared
    Pan caused such a horror that a person grumbled rushed to run, not
    Viewing roads without giving yourself a report in that the flight itself
    could threaten him death. Concepts of surprise and surprise
    The appearance of an attack may be of fundamental importance for
    Understanding the origin of panic attacks.

    Term «panic attack» received today recognition worldwide
    Thanks to the classification of the American Psychiatrists Association.

    How the panic attack is manifested

    • Re-emergence of attacks in which intensive fear
      or discomfort in combination with 4 or more of the following
      Symptoms develop suddenly and reach their peak during
      10 minutes;
    • Pulsation, severe heartbeat, rapid pulse;
    • Sweating;
    • Chills, tremor;
    • Feeling of lack of air, shortness of breath;
    • Difficulty breathing, suffocation;
    • Pain or discomfort in the left half of the chest;
    • Nausea or other discomfort (for example, calling to
    • Feeling of dizziness, instability, ease in the head
      or pre-corrosive condition;
    • Feeling of dramatization, depersonalization;
    • Fear to go crazy or commit an uncontrollable act;
    • Fear of death;
    • Feeling of numbness or tingling (for example, cold
    • Waves of heat or cold.

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