The lonely life of an elderly person


  • Reasons for an elderly person living alone
  • How young people can help the elderly: Looking for seniors

  • The lonely life of an elderly personThe life of an old man - it is not always a tragedy andabandonment. Tragic situation becomes when a lonely elderly person is no longer interested in the world around him, locked in his feeling of uselessness and futility. To ensure that older persons living alone is not lost the taste for life, it is necessary that each person well before retirement clear idea of ​​what he would do, left alone. We must learn to find things to do, and hobbies, to maintain their own self-interest to every day. If the lonely elderly person could not in time to develop a positive attitude towards life, we can help them regain optimism and hope for the best.

    To the lonely and elderly people become unhappyhappier with our help, we need to clearly understand the reasons for their loneliness. From them will follow the strategy of our actions, the two most important of which - the organization of acquaintances for the elderly and creating new hobby.

    Reasons for an elderly person living alone

    It can be divided into six main reasons for an elderly person alone.

    1. The death of loved ones. Some elderly people experience all of their relatives. Losing "their", they tend to sink into despair. Often, they are willing to die together with the family man.
    2. A change of residence. Not the most common cause of loneliness, but nevertheless occurring. Once isolated, keeping in touch with their families by phone, and through letters, an elderly person feels drained, she lost the taste for life. Often, this happens when a person is justified in the country.
    3. How to live the lonely elderly people: what to do?End of career path. Retirement, people often do not know what to do to him. For many years, realizing in one professional area, newly retired can not find a hobby and is keenly aware of its uselessness.
    4. The presence of the same old relatives and friends. In this case, you can continue to chat on the phone, but to every person to obtain a psychic energy necessary to the physical presence of other people. The elderly friends and relatives are not able to move around the city, an elderly man added feeling of isolation. A new acquaintances, as you know, for the elderly - not a simple matter (this is below).
    5. Accentuation of individual personality traits. An elderly man is inclined to selfishness. He can talk a long time about themselves, it becomes touchy. Often this behavior makes contact with him in the likeness of torture. Not surprisingly, getting lonely elderly people, having a plurality of active young relatives. The reluctance of families to keep in touch aggravates unpleasant features of an old man and makes him think that he is no use to anyone. These thoughts, of course, do not add positive emotions.
    6. Health status. Severe diseases restrict social activity of older people and lock them at home. Often, the disease makes people pessimistic whiner.

    How young people can help the elderly: Looking for seniors

    New dating for seniorsIf the old man's life is lonely,it can help the organization of a new acquaintance. It may be interest clubs or ordinary, such as lonely neighbors. However, introducing the elderly person should be cautious. Single elderly people are conservative and may resist any innovation. If they impose chat too hard, they may be frightened, and finally withdraw, stepping down with his head in his experience of unhappiness.

    It makes sense to go with the times and introducean elderly man with a computer and internet. Internet can do wonders: and meet remotely easy, and to find a company with the same interests breeze. For those seniors who are cut off from their families, it is a way to communicate more often.

    Lonely old people often do not know what hetake a day, in addition to the household. If you find an elderly individual for the soul, it is carried away and feel joy again. Nuance is that such occupation should not be watching TV series. Passion must be active, engages the brain and / or hands. Crossword puzzles, reading and discussing books, the creation of memoirs, family tree, knitting baby clothes and napkins, participate in some kind of club, for which the assembly is necessary to prepare a meal or to do something else ... If the activity is fun and allows the elderly person to step up any part consciousness, it will cease to dwell on his loneliness and acquire lost interest in life.

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