Longevity - advice from overseas


  • More drink
  • More fruits and vegetables
  • More walking
  • Less sweet
  • Follow teeth

  • You do not think that your car can travel 100,000 km without an oil change? So why are you waiting for, that your body will not function properly care for him?

    Try to include the following dailyand / or weekly habits into your routine, and you'll always be ready, as well as your well-oiled car. Do not worry, these healthy habits will not tear you from watching your favorite serial ... a long time.

    More drink

    That habit years hammered us in the head, and sheIt remains relevant. The truth is that we need to be sure to drink enough water. Depending on where you live (the desert or rainforest), or you need more or less water.

    If you do a lot of exercise and sweat (you alreadythere is one healthy habit), then you need more water. Despite all this, it suffices to 8 cups (1 cup equals 250 grams) of water per day. Sufficient water is necessary that your urine is clean (slightly yellow).

    As a result, your body will be provided with watersufficient for the normal body temperature regulation amount, and the excess will be excreted. In addition, the water will evenly distribute oxygen and nutrients for the cells.

    More fruits and vegetables

    Longevity - advice from overseasIdeally, you should eat 10 servings of fruit andvegetables each day. It seems to be a lot, however, takes into account not only apples and oranges. Ten servings - about five cups of fruits or vegetables. Can 8 servings if you eat a whole apple, and can be reduced by 2 servings, if you ate a cup of cooked spinach.

    In the end, you will eat fruit and vegetables at every meal, which is much easier.

    What you get in return? A study at Harvard University dedicated to Nutrition, showed that people who ate from five to eight servings of fruits or vegetables per day, a 30% less chance of getting a heart attack. Among other things, it will give more energy to your body and help keep your own weight.

    So next time you decide to eat something at 3pm, then let it be a banana or an orange.

    More walking

    Your body - this is one of those machines that actually improves with use. Think differently about it.

    In another machine after prolongeduse characteristics only get worse, and after exercise you do the opposite: you feel better, become stronger, and you will become easier to breathe.

    Longevity - advice from overseasWalking - this is probably the most useful, and habitthe most convenient exercise for you. To not too distracted by their daily routine, try to park in the far side of the parking lot when leaving for shopping and plan two 15-minute walks a day (one at lunchtime and one more after work).

    Walking allows you to strengthen yourthe cardiovascular system and can add years to your life. A study conducted at the Medical Center Rotterdam name Erasmus University (Netherlands) found that people walking 30 minutes a day added an average of 1.3 years to your life.

    Every day at work, you should have threebreak. You probably hard to break away from his beloved work, but a few breaks during the working day will help you get rid of unnecessary stress and negative emotions. You may have heard that the work causes stress. And when you're under stress, cortisol prepare your body to the appearance of a difficult situation. Since your body is accelerated in the system operation, it stops the operation of one of the "secondary" systems, such as the immune system, the gastrointestinal tract and the reproductive function of the body. If you actually stress your body produces adrenaline, which increases blood pressure and heart rate accelerates.

    Over time, excess cortisol and epinephrine leads to serious health problems. And now quickly move away from the computer and take a breath of fresh air. Your body will thank you only.

    Less sweet

    Longevity - advice from overseasIf you have a sweet tooth, try this onget rid of. Sugar, calories, fat, and of course - all of this is contained in the liver. In addition, excess sugar in the blood (and weight) can cause you two types of diabetes - one of the most serious diseases with unfortunate consequences.

    If you so very much want these cookies, theeat it, but only one. Drink just one bottle of soda a day. Soda water (sweet sparkling water) can have a serious impact on your health. Firstly, it is nothing but a calorie (one sugar without nutrients). And those calories do not impact on anything, but on your waist.

    Secondly, most of this water containsconcentrated fruit corn syrup (glucose race - ca. Perevi..), ie, very sweet syrup, which can disrupt the percentage of sugar in your blood, and even cause your liver to produce an additional amount of harmful substances to the blood.

    If you are still not convincing for you,We give you the following fact. There is evidence that one commonly used in sweet water, preservatives (sodium benzoate) may directly affect the DNA and damage the mitochondria (mitochondria occur redox reactions, provide cells with energy - ca. Perevi..).

    Follow teeth

    It is difficult to enjoy a healthy body and carryThis bad teeth. Brush your teeth every day, without exception. This little procedure will allow you to keep your mouth cavity is in excellent condition and you can enjoy grilled ribs until the end of his days.

    There is also evidence that bacteria haveyour mouth may be involved in heart disease. Apparently, a large concentration of bacteria in the mouth due to the appearance of cardiovascular disease in humans. Before the end is not established, which causes this link, but better that your teeth will be white.

    These lessons may seem annoying, but theyyou can add a few years of life. Do not forget about them, eat well and good, get rid of stress, and you will live happily ever after.

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