Causes of belching

Belching - the phenomenon is quite natural and not pathological. It happens when gases and aperture accumulate in the stomach, shrinking, pushes them out. And only when the belching occurs strongly often or the smell is not very pleasant, we can talk about some kind of disease.

Causes of belching

bloating, gas formation, gastroenterology, belching

The causes of belching the person may have several:

  1. The most common reason is to get into the stomach of food along with air. Especially she is inherent in those who love to talk during meals. And the breast kids in feeding in general are swallowed by air, so after eating moms necessarily follow the fact that the child had buried and the air came out.
  2. The fermentation in the stomach also provokes belching. It has a specific smell that may indicate a gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  3. Zhktic diseases. Ottage can provoke diseases such as: inflamed esophagus, inflection and stenosis of the stomach, pathological peristalsis of the stomach and esophagus, hernia of the apertolism of the diaphragm.
  4. Diseases provoking belching: liver and gallbladder diseases, cardiovascular system. In addition, extermination provokes and strong physical exertion.
  5. If a person speaks very quickly, agitated, then a large amount of air swallows and gets into the stomach.
  6. If a person eats very quickly and hurry, belching after eating is almost inevitable.
  7. When smoking and chewing chewing gum, a small amount of air falls into the stomach.
  8. With anticipating chewing food together with large pieces, air is swallowed.
  9. In pregnant women, the causes are a bit different, their belching arise due to the fact that food in the stomach is digested slower, and also affect this process and hormonal changes.
  10. Belching may occur not because of the disease, but because of the products that the person eats. For example, if you drink carbonated drinks, then the belching is guaranteed you. From foods that, during digestion, provoke gas outlet, can be highlighted: peas, cabbage and beans.

Types of belching

bloating, gas formation, gastroenterology, belching

So that the belching manifests itself as less as possible and did not give trouble, you need to try less to talk while taking food, especially this concerns the moment when food is swallowed. In addition, you need to reconsider your menu and remove or at least limit the number of products that contain air. For example, yeast bread, beans and carbonated drinks. Pay attention to the state of the oral cavity, especially if the belching happens an unpleasant smell.

Try to eat small portions and do not overeat, carefully chew food, and after eating do not go to rest, but better go for a leisurely walk, so when walking is reduced the risk that food and air will go out of the stomach in the esophagus.

In rare cases, the belching turns into a habit, and then psychotherapist or hypnosis sessions will help it. In all other cases, they first find the cause and eliminate it, especially this concerns the disease. But as «Ambulance» When bumping, all the same drugs help as Heartbag. If you suffer belching after meals, you need to add a fourth part of the teaspoon of soda or magnesia into a glass of water and drink and drink small portions until the belching stops. You can also on a piece of sugar drop five drops of carnations oil and keep in your mouth until complete dissolution. Take in the morning and in the evening.

Treatment of belching by folk remedies

bloating, gas formation, gastroenterology, belching

In the event of long-term belching, apple vinegar helps well. Need to add two teaspoons of apple vinegar to a liter of water. During meals you need to drink this water with small sips. Course treatment - 10 days. Also helps to cope with the ailment and decoction of the roots of nine. You need to take a liter of water, put two tablespoons of roots in it. Brew on slow heat for 10 minutes, cool, strain and drink at half a tablepoon twice a day.

Another nice popular recipe against belching: you need to take 100 grams of cranberry juice, as much aloe juice and a tablespoon of honey. Pour glass boiling water and let it stand. Drink three times a day on a tablespoon. Course of treatment - week. This drug is useful to get a crude carrot or apple, especially if the belching appears after the satisfying food.

If the reason for the release of the air has become a peptic defect, it helps well, the so-called, «Nut milk». It is prepared with the help of walnuts and flavory. It is necessary to crowned in Cashitz 10 grams of nuts, add 100 grams of water to it, to insist a few hours, and then filter and put to Nasta two teaspoons of honey. Drinking milk needed on a tablespoon half an hour before meals and between meals, six times a day.

Also, the juice of fresh cabbage will also help with ulcerative illness, due to the fact that it contains vitamin U. Drinking juice from white cabbage is needed freshly in the fourth part of a glass in half an hour before meals. With every day the amount of juice increases in the end, bring to a glass. Drink juice needed within a month.

Helps cope with belching and ginger. It can be taken in different kinds, you can drink 550 mg capsules per day, you can in the form of tincture - 30 drops, you can chew fresh root or brew it in tea. Tea, by the way, it turns out very tasty, fragrant and useful not only in the fight against belching. But also many other diseases. To make it preparation you need to grasp the root of ginger on a shallow grater, take a tablespoon of a grated mass and pour hot water with a glass, leave for five minutes to appease, then strain and slowly drink. It is impossible to drink hot. Instead of ginger, you can brew tea with cardamon, it will also reduce the formation of gases in the gastrointestinal tract. You need to take a teaspoon of cardamom, put in a glass of water, put on a slow fire and cook 10 minutes. Drinking such a decoction you need hot during meals.

Together with the treatment of folk methods, do not forget about traditional medicine. Be sure to get advice from the endocrinologist and the gastroenterologist. They will detect your illness and prescribe the necessary medicines. Most often, these are medicines that can suppress the secretion of the stomach or antacid agents. Even after the cure of the disease, some time as a fortification will have to drink a course of such drugs. Sometimes the doctor still appoints and teas from blackberry branches or mint leaves. They can be brewing and add to ordinary tea. In any case, the self-medication does not need to be engaged in order not to become such a problem at first glance, like a belching.

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