Proper nutrition in the elderly - the key to good health


  • There are often and watch weight
  • Proteins fats carbohydrates
  • Do not neglect cooking

  • Aging - a natural biological process,ongoing from birth until the end of his life, which affect not only inherited genetic factors, but also factors of external and internal nature.

    Studies in recent decades have shown thatdecreased the number of deaths due to heart disorders and brain activity in connection with the restoration of diet, restriction of smoking, weight loss, prevention of obesity associated with excessive consumption of fats and carbohydrates (especially sugar).

    There are often and watch weight

    Food elderly should be varied,easily digestible and biologically valuable, but compared with the food of young people energetically less valuable. The diet should contain a sufficient amount of protein, vitamins and salts, especially calcium, potassium and iron.

    Older people should eat often and little: 4-5 times per day. When cooking, be aware of the condition of the teeth and the digestive system. Never overeat. The daily rate of caloric intake should be 2000-2400 calories depending on physical activity. In the case of overweight, this rate should be even lower.

    It is advisable to monitor their weight and takemeasures to normalize it. Full fat intake should be reduced to 60-70 g Do not forget the hidden fat in pork, do not eat fried foods, limit the intake of egg yolk. The yolks should be eaten no more than 2 times per week.

    Proteins fats carbohydrates

    Proper nutrition in the elderly - the key to good healthIt is better to eat high-qualityvegetable oils (sunflower, corn, soybean), which help to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, which is the prevention of premature aging vessels. Simultaneously with the reduction of fat is necessary to increase the intake of proteins, mainly animals. Normal protein intake per 1 kg of body weight of 1.2-1.3 g, mp. E. 85 g for males and 75 g for females on the day.

    A sufficient amount of protein consumedprevents muscle tissue volume reduction and thus - to premature aging. The menu should include most foods such as lean meat, cottage cheese, cheese, milk and milk products; egg white elderly person can eat in unlimited quantities. 300 grams of milk per day provide sufficient calcium for the prevention of bone fractures.

    sugar consumption should be limited andconcentrated sugary foods, sugary drinks. Older men should consume daily about 335 grams of carbohydrates, women - 280, at the sweet is better to eat vegetables and fruits, because they contain fiber helps intestinal peristalsis, and vitamin C breaks down cholesterol to bile acids. The body also gets the vegetable and mineral salts, such as potassium, which especially need people with cardiovascular disease and those taking medication. A valuable source of vitamin C and potassium is potatoes, which should be preferred to rice and pasta.

    Do not neglect cooking

    In human nutrition are influenced by economic and social conditions. We know who lives alone and eats alone, he eats badly.

    Older people have been negligent trendtreat your diet. Usually they do not like to cook their own fresh food, and this is the foundation of good nutrition. Sugar and flour products very often are the basis of the daily diet of the elderly. Another error - more than expected, the consumption of bread.

    Do not prepare food for a few days in advance. The elderly person must alternate menu of meat, bread, vegetable dishes, which should complement each other to meet the biological needs of man.

    During the illness of an elderly person shouldfollow a certain diet. Drawing up the menu for the elderly requires a combination of medical claims with the real possibilities of man. Some elderly people do not experience difficulties with digestion, while others have to eat very carefully, keeping a sparing diet, food fit for their disease, condition of teeth, sometimes take into account the decrease in sense of taste and smell.

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