Psychosomatics: all diseases of the nerves


  • Psychosomatics: Louise Hay
  • The first and most important action: accept and love yourself
  • The second action: change the thoughts

  • Psychosomatic illnesses: all ailments of the nervesNo disease does not appear out of nowhere. Influenza - you have picked up the virus. Stretched tendon - uncomfortable shoes or not notice the hole. My head aches - enough sleep, census or processed.

    However, if ever the reason was obvious ailments... Where did the cancer of the skin if a person has not spent half his life in the sun? Why do you always painful menstruation, in spite of two children born? What is the origin of eye diseases, if you do not sit all day at a computer and do not read in the dark?

    Not all questions have answers. However, psychosomatic illnesses gives the keys to many ailments. It's hard to argue with the fact that a completely healthy child suddenly gives the temperature of the blue. Alarmed, I did not live any feelings - and the organism response outputs so that's a cunning way. We offer a little more detail to sort out what is a psychosomatic disease and how you can use it for their own benefit.

    Psychosomatics: Louise Hay

    Who is this lady who has written numerous best-sellers?

    Louise Hay has gone through a very difficult childhood andless difficult youth. Having passed all the circles of hell - poverty, indifference of others, humiliation and violence - only at age 44, Louise found the true path. The impetus served overheard the thought that their troubles person is obliged only to himself - because he considered himself unworthy of something better.

    From that moment Louise came out on a new road. It not only became a successful psychotherapist, lecturer and author of books on self-healing, but also by example by applying it also developed a technique, showed the power of thought. For six months, without surgery, only with the help of positive thinking and psychotherapy, she cured her cancer of the uterus. After this incident, even the skeptics to believe in the power of psychosomatic medicine: Louise Hay has demonstrated that every human has a mental illness, and the roots can be treated with the help of reason.

    The first and most important action: accept and love yourself

    What is psychosomatic Louise Hay?Any therapy begins and ends with self-acceptance.

    Agree to live with someone in harmony is possible only when there is love. But love is not always falls from heaven. Often it has to grow.

    You can start with praise yourself for every littlesuccess. Even if it's just in time to hear the alarm. Treat yourself as well as with a child, you want to learn to be a good Praise. And, of course, get your criticism! If you did not work perfectly, it means that you have not had opportunities. But this does not mean that you can not start right away, and the next task to perform better. You can! Praise yourself for choosing to do so. Praise yourself when attack. After all, no awards will not give you more enthusiasm than approval. And you can give it to themselves, without waiting for praise from the side.

    When you learn to see in their actionsFirst of all good, it will be easier to accept yourself with errors and shortcomings. After you give others the right to make mistakes and wrong. Give yourself: you deserve pardon any mistakes.

    From this point very close to the origin oflove of self. Start take care of themselves: and the body (feed yourself healthy food, drive to the gym and on the nature, grooming have beauticians and massage therapists), and the shower (do something that gives you pleasure), and brain (communicate with interesting people you , read, watch movies, think).

    Love - is the concern. Caring awakens love. Taking care of yourself, even if you do not love yourself, you will start to like yourself more. More like - more care, respect yourself for taking care of yourself, to praise yourself for any tiny achievement, reward yourself for great success and pamper gifts just.

    The second action: change the thoughts

    Louise Hay has developed a whole system of positive affirmations - affirmations that accelerate the development of self-acceptance and healing of any disease.

    "I accept myself unconditionally", "I shall be exempt fromtheir fear, "" I forgive myself "- that's the basis of all verbal formulas that help start recovery. Repeating them every day several times, you learn to see more good and ignore unpleasant. And this is the main principle of the life of any person happy - to see the positive and ignore the annoying little things.

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