How to delay menstruation

Very often women's critical days «come» Inexpensive - for example, on the eve of such a long-awaited vacation or in front of important sports competitions. What to do in this case? Abandon your dreams and stay at home? And if the trip has been planned for a long time and, most likely, the fate will not give more such good luck? It turns out everything is fixable.

Today there is a lot of ways to help «Delay» or «delay» The beginning of the menstruation, about it our site and will tell in this article.

All women need to know about it

Gynecology, delay menstruation, menstrual cycle, menstruation, PMS

Currently, there are officially authorized methods that can be delayed the beginning of critical days. They are thought out specifically for athletes, actresses, active women and even cosmonauts who need to be critical days «Widdle» for some time.

The first method is oral Contraceptives (COOK). Second - application of progestin or gestagen. All these drugs can be safely acquired in any pharmacy. In addition, the last drugs are prescribed in the treatment of female diseases - endometriosis and amenorrhea.

In addition, there are also folk ways how to hold monthly.

Method number 1: Combined oral contraceptives (COC)

Gynecology, delay menstruation, menstrual cycle, menstruation, PMS

COC does not harm for a female body. The thing is that during a weekly interruption occurs the so-called menstrual-like bleeding. These are not the same monthly, which every month happens in women. This bleeding happens at all against the background of hormonal physiological and quite natural changes in the body of a woman. This is all the consequence of a rather sharp drop in the number of hormones in the blood, when a woman stops drinking tablets. But experts argue that the data of bleeding is not mandatory for normal physiology - Kok can drink more than two, or even more than three months without a break.

True, it is still better to go to the doctor - the fact is that now there are more than two hundred COC - only a qualified specialist will be able to pick up exactly the species that is suitable for a particular woman.

Method number 2: Preparations Gestagens

These drugs prescribe doctors in order to lengthen the cycle. It is necessary to start consumed two weeks before the expected date of the beginning of the monthly. Well, or at least five days. The last day of reception of the drug should be the one when you expected that you will end with menstruation. Critical days will begin a few days after the end of this course.

It is worth noting that this method can only be used under the supervision of a doctor - no amateuribility!

Why you need to consult with a doctor? These drugs should assign a gynecologist-an endocrinologist, since otherwise instead of deferred menstruation, you can get much more problems than good.

The problem is that the doctor must determine whether there are problems with blood clotting or not whether there are problems with the cardiovascular system and the work of the liver. An important role is played by age, bad habits and women's lifestyle. The fact is that a woman at the age of more than 35 years, and also smoking, has a big risk of blood clots.

The recommended dosage of hormones for all people is individual - depending on many factors. An experienced doctor will be able to choose the necessary drugs and in the right amount.

True, it is worth noting that it is necessary to use these ways very rarely, and not every time you «I want to».

Method # 3: Folk Methods

Gynecology, delay menstruation, menstrual cycle, menstruation, PMS

Monthly not in vain called «cyclic process», After all this «Nedug» occurs monthly in all women on earth, which entered into a childbearing age. If menstruation does not occur every month (or every month and a half), that is, the reason to think seriously about his health - it is the irregular cycle that sometimes happens the first sign of one or another serious illness. Basically, the cycle ranges from 28 to 30 days. Also, our ancestors noticed that a hormonal restructuring occurs in the body of a woman, so invented several ways that can help with «Delay» menstruation, especially since there were no modern drugs.

  1. Plate nettle. This is the most famous way to help delay critical days. Four-five tablespoons of dried nettle leaves pour 500 ml of water. Boil on slow fire 5 minutes, then insist 30 minutes. The decoction drink during the day - it is possible instead of water. Cannot be used to stop bleeding.
  2. Water pepper decoction. 40 g of water pepper grass (approximately 5 tablespoons), pour 500 ml of water. Boil 5 minutes, insist at least 2 hours, and preferably all 3. The decoction drink 2-3 times a day 150 ml, immediately before meals. Despite the fact that this method is called gentle, carefully read contraindications to this grass.
  3. Honey. This method is probably the most ancient and at the same time the most harmless. In order for the menstruation to start earlier for 2-3 days than this happens, it is usually necessary every day for a week to day of hours there is natural fresh honey.
  4. Lemon. These are also very ancient way. To delay the periods for several days, it is necessary every day for one week to eat one lemon.
  5. Vitamin C in large doses. Most likely, this is a consistent previous method. Vitamin C in large quantities can strengthen the walls of the vessels, which will reduce allocations to their complete termination. A dangerous method, since the overdose of vitamins never went to anyone.
  6. Brushing parsley. Petrushka grind, pour water, peak, then let us give and drink for breakfast, for lunch and dinner.

Remember that all folk methods must be tasteful only after this will give a welcoming doctor.

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