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  • Your loved one is sick, he needsclock care and concern? To cope with this problem is practically impossible, and in some cases even desirable. What is connected not only with employment at work, lack the necessary knowledge to provide care, but also to the fact that the constant presence at the bedside will sooner or later affect your own health ...

    In this situation, many families decide to hirenurse. Her search, in fact, reduced to three options: through friends and acquaintances, on ads, and across the company, specializing in staff recruitment or the actual patronage services.

    search Goodies

    The first option is good their cheapness. In this case, nurse services with accommodation costs will amount to $ 150-250 per month. Several more cost nurse, found on the ads (usually a nurse or medical student who came to work the residents of the near abroad). An hour of work on average will cost $ 2-5, and services with accommodation - $ 300-350.

    At the same time as any necessary medical procedures to nurse the cost of services is not included. For injections or IV will have to pay separately - from 50 to 200 rubles.

    search cons

    Disadvantages of both of these options are beforeall in unpredictable results and the absence of any guarantees. Not to mention the criminal cases, because of stories about how a nurse persuaded her to rob the patient or lost the common sense to rewrite the old man's apartment in her name, more than enough.

    Such an employee is not very reliable: the visiting nurse may suddenly get sick aunt in Konotop and the student session will begin.

    What to do

    So, if you can not find a babysitter as an acquaintance, the only way to protect yourself from surprises - appeal to a specialized firm. The good thing, a lot of them in Moscow.

    There are nursing services, which haveServices free of charge (at the Clinical Hospital of the Moscow Patriarchate and the Jewish community), but the staff caring for the sick or elderly only if those who are in need of care, absolutely alone.

    Otherwise you will have to contact either the staffing agency or specialized firms that are engaged in the provision of patronage services at home and in hospitals.

    Search through the nurse staffing agency

    Employment agencies usually offer you not only a nurse, but also a baby sitter, au pair, gardener or chauffeur.

    Commission charged in this case for the firmthe provision of their services, will be equal to one month's salary to hire workers ($ 350-700), or, in the case of hourly work - $ 150-300, depending on the degree of professionalism of the staff.

    If an employee you for some reason do notsatisfied or have hired a nurse its sick grandmother, and she should immediately leave, the company is obliged to provide a replacement. Pay in this case for services on the selection of nurses do not have to.

    Search through nurses nursing services

    Search nurse
    The second category includes specializedfirms that are engaged in the provision of patronage services at home and in hospitals (it is required, as a rule, in cases where it is necessary or night duty room near the bed of the patient, for example, after surgery).

    Such organizations in Moscow, about a dozen,best known for "Alfaservismed", "Aster M", "Moscow service department", "Indmedia," "the Help", "Canon", the service department at the "Medline" health counseling center. The required assistants, nurses and paramedics are in their own state. It is possible to conclude a contract for the provision of care for the sick, disabled or elderly person, having arrived at the office or by calling the dispatcher (the contract will be sent to you by courier, it costs about 100-150 rub.).

    The contract is usually negotiatedspecific services are obliged to provide firm, and their cost. Some companies are willing to provide services to the elderly under the contract of rent, that is, the old man will be free to look for life in the event that he bequeaths to the company their living space.

    A standard set of services providedpatronage firm is in operation day (400 rub. in seven hours), night (from 600 rub.) or daily (900 rubles.) on duty. Some companies may choose a nurse with accommodation, payment in this case, as a rule, monthly (from $ 400). This ensures hygienic care (washing, perestilanie underwear, feeding the patient in accordance with the right diet, the treatment and prevention of pressure sores, etc.), medical massage and physiotherapy. Perform other medical procedures separately (intramuscular and intravenous injections - from 50 rubles and 150 rubles respectively.. Installing drip - 200 rub .; ligation - from 150 rubles.). It is possible to agree on how to nurse bought foods, prepared food, washed clothes and cleaned the room of the ward. "Branded" the nurse on the principle of "all inclusive" cost at least $ 50 per day. Among other things, patronage company can arrange transportation of the patient in a specially equipped car, but it will also cost at least 1.5 thousand. Rub.

    That's the situation on the market of patronage services in Moscow at the moment, and that's what this pick, you decide.

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