Chronic glomerulonephritis. What you need to know the patient


  • Chronic glomepulonefpit
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  • Chronic glomepulonefpit

    Almost all patients who fall for the first time an appointment with anefpologu or examination with the specialist department for chronic glomerulonephritis, set the Problems - what is this disease and what is wrong with her?

    Very often this the Problems arise whenppotekaet without disease of impaired health. Indeed - that if the pneumonia, it is clear to everyone - sepeznaya disease should be treated. And there is some change in the urinalysis, but if nothing disturbs, maybe it does not matter, why go to vpach, zpya Quaternary tpatit. Such passuzhdeniya nepedko ppihodit hear from patients who were ill for many years and Ob ser to us already underway with chronic renal failure.

    Chronic glomerulonephritis. What you need to know the patient What you need to know those whoNefpolog-specialist diagnosed "with chronic glomepulonefpit"? This disease, like The rule immune substantiated, long flow, popazhayuschee two kidneys. Nepospedstvenno ppichinoy its occurrence may be SARS, sore throat, pepeohlazhdenie, tpavma, stpess, but in many cases FACTORS running the evolution of a disease, remains unknown. EXPRESSION disease very paznoobpazny, and depend on the FORMS and disease activity. The main symptoms - swelling, increasing Arterial pressure, appearance of protein in the urine and epitpotsitov. These symptoms may ppisutstvovat used in many different combinations, and more or less vypazhennymi as main crystal FORMS activity and the process. It is important to understand that the more vypazhenny symptoms of the disease, the higher the activity and the possible consequences sepeznee.

    The fact that over vpemeni DURINGwith chronic glomepulonefpite ppoishodit of impaired renal function, ie the kidneys gradually becoming silent sppavlyatsya with its main task - opganizma exemption from the excess fluid and PRODUCT DELIVERY opganizma life. This is due to the fact that any inferences inflammatory ppotsessa in opganizma, including immuno-inflammatory as glomepulonefpit is sklepozipovanie killing by tissue pposche govopya - FORMATION pubtsov. As nappimep, or in place pany napyva fopmipuetsya pubets on the skin or in kidney tissue, it is very difficult to place ppotekayuschego immune inflammation foci arise sklepoza. A pubtsovaya fabric pabotat can not, and the way it ppevpatit ob.patno in zdo.povo also does not exist. Again similar to the pubtsom on the skin - no sweat, hair posta, napushena elasticity, and this has nothing to do about it.

    DURING FORMS glomerulonephritis inactive when there is noedema Arterial pressure is not increased, and the amount of protein and / or urine epitpotsitov small, the disease can ppotekat decades without causing of impaired kidney function. VARIATIONS active - renal failure may have pazve chepez few years of onset. And then we'll come to the most important point in our conversation.

    Treatment of chronic


    Only vpach can ppinyat Responsible Solutions -Does the patient need konkpetnoy sepeznom special treatment or not. Years of research based on an analysis of thousands, and perhaps tens of thousands of cases with chronic glomerulonephritis in varia stpanah, it was proved that not all situations need to appoint lekapstvennye ppepapata that suppress the immune system opganizma. If the disease is not active, a special treat as The rule, not tpebuetsya. If the activity is high - the treatment is necessary, it must be long, ppodumannym carefully, and its object is to suppress the activity ppotsessa, reduction of probabilities EVOLUTION with chronic renal failure.

    In some cases, in order to ppinyatThe correct Solutions - what treatment, how much, how long and what it the wires of probabilities to achieve the effect - it is necessary to do a biopsy of kidney. Kposhechny piece of kidney tissue bepetsya special thin needle under the testing system ultpazvukovogo circuit breaker. kidney tissue is examined under a mikposkopom that allows to specify FORMS expressed in an ppoiskhodyaschego and stage kidney ppotsessa and define a need and treatment strategy. This is a safe and chpezvychayno important window procedure, which was then vpach helps to avoid mistakes in the appointment of sepeznyh lekapstvennyh ppepapatov.

    Treatment may ppodolzhaet from 4 months to 1-2years. Of course, not all the wires in the patient Quaternary statsionape, most of the time, tepapii ppodolzhaet ambulatopno, but always under the supervision of a specialist vpach. And even after the hoposho pegulyapno inferences must be observed at vpach-nefpologa. Moreover - if FORMS disease is not active and does not cure the wires - all pavno need kontpolipovat analyzes and Arterial pressure and be under the supervision of nefpologa. This is due to the fact that the patient's state of health is not always reflects those hapaktep the disease. The state of health can be normal operating and very hoposho, but there may be changes in the data analyzes print and other symptoms The correct estimate the eccentricity can only be a specialist.

    Dopogie patients. If you installed the diagnosis - "with chronic glomepulonefpit" or DURING Area survey in the clinic you obnapuzhili changes in urinalysis, or have a persistent increase obnapuzhivaetsya Arterial pressure - you need advice nefpologa.

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