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  • The diagnosis of glomerulonephritis
  • Prevention of glomerulonephritis

  • human kidney is the organ of our body fluids filtration.
    Bad for us and liquid substances from the blood through a special system
    capillaries (the smallest blood vessels of the circulatory system), which
    It called a glomerulus (glomeruli) in the kidney fall
    capsule, and has many of the renal capsule - in kidney, where
    collected and displayed in the form of urine. As a result of repeated or
    Prolonged contact with the infection may fail in the immune system,
    and she begins to act against our own cells in
    in the walls of glomeruli (glomerulus). As a result of kidney
    inflammation develops autoimmune nature, it affects kidney
    glomeruli, i.e. body waste transport system in the kidney itself. it
    disease called glomerulonephritis (from Greek nephros -. Kidney,
    novolat. glomerulus - a ball).

    What does it happen

    glomerulonephritis can develop after a previous infection, usually
    streptococcal (sore throat, tonsillitis, now rarely found
    scarlet fever). The disease can develop after other infections -
    bacterial, viral, parasitic, at least - as a result of
    serums, vaccines or drugs. Also, according to research
    recent years, glomerulonephritis closely associated with hypertension.

    What happens

    If after 1-3 weeks after you have had a sore throat, inflammation
    lung, tonsillitis or any other infectious disease, you
    began headaches, fever, blood pressure jumped
    with all the relevant symptoms, it is possible that you have a sharp
    glomerulonephritis. At the same time due to the failure of the kidneys filtering system
    liquid is withdrawn from the body in the normal mode, which results
    to edema, and consequently may cause cardiac asthma
    and pulmonary edema. Often in acute glomerulonephritis decreases
    urination, and she takes urine color "meat slops", ie
    shown gross hematuria. Can begin abdominal pain and lower back,
    and even vomiting. It is much less pronounced symptoms of chronic
    glomerulonephritis, which can drag on for years, but the result
    in the absence of treatment is always sad - acute heart or kidney failure.

    The diagnosis of glomerulonephritis

    At the first sign of the disease should consult a doctor-urologist.
    For an exact definition of the disease is necessary blood tests
    and urine, but a crucial method of diagnosis of glomerulonephritis is a kidney biopsy.

    Prevention of glomerulonephritis

    People sick with chronic glomerulonephritis, he banned
    long trips, night shifts, work with toxic
    and other harmful substances. High blood pressure,
    signs of chronic renal failure threaten human translation
    a group of disability or with limited total ban on labor
    activity. To prevent the need to glorumelonefrita
    promptly treat any inflammation, especially in the tonsils,
    and respiratory organs. Prevention is also the treatment of intestinal

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