Symptoms and Treatment of Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis - sexually transmitted disease. Unlike other diseases, trichomoniasis pathogens can live in a humid environment up to 20 hours. This creates a threat to infected by trichomoniasis by the household - for example, in the bath. Therefore, it will be extremely useful to know what is a disease, his symptoms, treatment and prevention.

Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease. Unlike other sexually transmitted diseases, trichomoniasis causative agents can live in a wet environment until 20 o'clock. This creates an insignificant (but still a really existing) threat to infected by trichomoniasis by the household - for example, in a bath. Therefore, it will be extremely useful to know what is a disease, his symptoms, treatment and prevention.

Symptoms of trichomoniasis

Pathways trichomoniasis
Before the disease manifests itself, usually passes 1-4 weeks. Women in trichomoniasis arise from vagina - yellow, with an unpleasant smell of flicker. External genitals are annoyed, pain appears when urinating and with sex contacts. Finding into the urinary system, trichomonas cause various diseases, for example, trichomonade colpit - inflammation of the vagina. There may be inflammations of vulva, urethra.

Men trichomoniasis most often flows without symptoms, so a man can infect a few women, not even suspecting that he sick himself. But it happens that trichomonades fall into prostate gland, And then there appears pain and burning in urination, frequent urges for urination, pain in the urethra at ejaculation, weakening erection. When trichomonades in the urethra, a man develops acute urethritis. It is characterized by abundant discharge from the urethra, pain after urination and sexual intercourse. Without treatment, urethritis after 1-2 weeks goes into a chronic form and may exist for years. But more often trichomonades fall into the upper department of the urogenital system and cause the development of prostatitis. Prostatitis with trichomoniasis causes a decrease in sexual function, irritability, back pain, Headache, decrease in performance, memory weakening.

And in men, and in women with trichomoniasis can occur in genitals. Sometimes these ulcers look like a solid chancre, syphilitic ulcers, and in other cases ulcers have soft edges and pussy at the bottom of the ulcers. The appearance of ulcers is often accompanied by an increase in the inguinal lymph nodes.

Diagnosis of trichomoniasis

Diagnosis of trichomoniasis
Women are taking a smear from the vagina and is investigated under the microscope - the result can be found in 20 minutes. If the microscopy of the smear did not give the result, the direct immunofluorescence method (FIF) or sowing. Sowing - settlement of smear to a favorable bacteria Wednesday. After 2-3 days trichomonas (if any) breed, and the result of sowing will be positive. Men take on the analysis of strokes from the urethra and the secret of the prostate gland.

Our site would like to emphasize that it is not always the first time to identify this disease, and only the re-conducting of all these procedures allows you to diagnose trichomoniasis.

Treatment of trichomoniasis

Treatment of trichomoniasis lasts about 1 month. For effective cure, the course of treatment must be held by both partners at the same time. Naturally, at the time of treatment, sex is prohibited both men and women.

Trichopol (metronidazole), Nyorazol, Tinidazole, Tiberal. Take medications you need as much as a doctor will appoint. It often happens that after a few days of treatment, the symptoms of trichomoniasis disappear, and the patient thinks that he has already cured and ceases to take a medicine. But, alas, the disease resumes. Suppressing symptoms are not enough, long reception of medicines not only normalizes the patient's condition, but also kills trichomonas. Women also prescribe vaginal candles - Pimafucin, Clion-D, Flaguil, Ginalgin.

To strengthen immunity assign Polyvitamins (Undevit, Gendevit, complivit, alphabet, Vitrum, Center and others) and immunostimulating.

After the patient with trichomoniasis couple will spend a monthly course of treatment with countercotherbon drugs, it is necessary to monitor and repeated analyzes. In women, repeated visits to the gynecologist should be carried out regularly within three months, and men have a mandatory visit to Andrologist and testing for 1-2 months after the completion of treatment.

Charges on trichomonas are held after provocation - it is either an injection of progress, after which immunity and trichomonas are weakened for a short time (if the patient did not mean) again appear in the smear. Provocation can be the other - some alcohol and acute food cause almost the same decrease in immunity as the progress. Alas, rapid cure cases (1 month - it is very fast for trichomoniasis) not so much. Much more often trichomonades go to the so-called rolled shapes - when they do not multiply actively, but the constant presence of them in the body reduces immunity, causes premature labor.

For final getting rid of trichomonade, 1.5-3 years may be required (!!!). This, provided that partners are honest, do not use alcohol, do not have sexual contacts during treatment (a course of treatment from 2 weeks to a month, then a break, during which analyzes are surrendered). If trichomonads are revealed again - a new course of treatment (it turns out that it takes about the complete disposal of trichomoniasis about a year or more). But, nevertheless, trichomoniasis is curable, and the speed of treatment directly depends on how quickly a person will appeal for medical care. Our site also draws your attention that after cure immunity to trichomonas is not formed, and with an erratic sex links can be infected again.

Preventive trichomoniasis

Preventive trichomoniasis
In order not to get infected, first of all, you need to be faithful to your partner - if he and she do not change each other, then trichomoniasis is just nowhere to take. With random sex contacts, the most reliable protection gives a condom, provided it is properly used. If an unprotected sexual intercourse has happened, prophylactic therapy should be held to avoid the development of the disease. However, the use of disinfecting solutions of the type Miramistin, Chlorhexidine does not give 100% guaranteing protection against illness. After an unprotected intercourse with a random partner, it makes sense to pass an analysis for hidden sex infections, because with trichomonas side by side go to Ureshlasma, mycoplasm, gonococci and many other pathogens of dangerous diseases. To avoid domestic infection by trichomoniasis Our site recommends that you do not take someone else's towels, slippers in the pool or in a bath, do not use other people's comb and personal hygiene products, more often wash your hands.

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