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  • Gout - "salt deposition?"
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  • How to cope with the deposition of salts

    Gout - "salt deposition?"

    Hippocrates said that "gouty - not a eunuch"bearing in mind the relationship of the disease with the human endocrine system. Today, it is proved that the risk of the disease depends on the lack of sex hormone estradiol.

    In the female body its much, and because the victims of gout, as a rule, men are. They suffer 20 times more often than women.

    Gout, or microcrystalline arthritis, hasheterogeneous nature, ie disease is based on several factors. The disease is characterized by the formation and deposition in various tissues, mainly in the joints, peculiar crystals consisting of sodium monurata and uric acid.

    Uric acid - is the end product of the disintegration of nucleic acids - purines. In case of violation of purine metabolism is disturbed and lipid (fat) metabolism, so the majority of gout - obese people.

    In fact, gout is the real "depositsalts. " Uric acid crystals may easily discern in joint fluid, sometimes even under an ordinary microscope. These crystals just cause friction in the joint, which is accompanied by severe pain - gouty attack.

    gout Treatment

    Treatment of gout - a delicate matter. For the patient, it begins with a diet, but a diet during exacerbations can not do. Need a hard medical monitoring of uric acid levels. It is important to understand what is causing the excess uric acid: increased its synthesis or, on the contrary, reduced the level of its elimination from the body - and according to prescribe drugs.

    The patient also should be excluded from the menu richpurine foods: fatty meat, fish, liver, rich broth, tomatoes, spinach, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, kidney, sardines, sprats, fish soups, mushrooms, beans and many other products.

    You can have milk, Swiss cheese, eggs, eggs, potatoes, carrots, salad, bread, cereals, fruits, milk products, lean meats (2 times per week), vegetable oil.

    Should drink more water as an alkalimineral waters. Alcohol is minimized or eliminated altogether. If we are to drink, only on holidays, only vodka and drink it alkaline mineral water in large quantities. Showing infusion rosehip and cranberry leaf. And then gout, if it is not to provoke, would be controlled by the disease.

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