Polycystic kidney disease and pregnancy


  • How kidneys work
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  • How kidneys work

    The volume of work carried out by the kidneys, a trulyenormous. Not to be unfounded, I will give only a few numbers. The circulatory system of man contains about 5.5 liters of blood. Thus through adult kidneys every day takes about 1700 liters of blood (about one fourth of the blood passing through the heart)! It turns out that every drop of blood passes through the kidneys almost 500 times per day, and each time its composition is controlled and changed. Every day in the kidney is formed 1-1.5 liters of urine.

    Urine for about 96% of water; the remaining 4% - other (mostly poisonous) coli, as well as metabolic products. Healthy kidneys - the main shield against the body of toxins.

    However, the "cleansing" of the functions of the missionAuthority is not limited. Enumerate here all kidney function will not. We will only say that the kidneys rapidly involved in the regulation of blood pressure by producing a special ingredient - renin, which is getting into the blood, triggers a chain of reactions, ultimately increasing blood pressure.

    The role of the kidneys in gestation pregnancies

    Polycystic kidney disease and pregnancyDuring pregnancy, the kidney problem repeatedlycomplicated. Why? It's simple: to load, so to speak, "regular" added the need for recycling, as well as the withdrawal of the mother's body fetal waste products that enter the mother's blood through the placenta.

    Due to the enormous growth of the load on the kidneyspregnancy itself increases the risk of serious diseases of the body, as well as, of course, the hazard velichivaetsya in more than once, in the case of conception before the girl had some abnormality in the urinary organs. For this reason, before the child schedule is extremely important for the physician to evaluate the aid of the kidneys.

    There kidney disease, in which thebirth of a child is likely with appropriate treatment, as well as the management of pregnancy. However, there are, unfortunately, so major changes in renal function, pregnancy becomes unbearable for them to load.

    Inability to make, as well as having a healthybaby - one of the worst health "penalty" for the majority of women. However, the consequences of pregnancy for some (! Not all) of kidney disease is so formidable that on reflection every girl understands: medical condition - not a whim of doctors, but also reassurance. Knowledge, even bitter - better ignorance.
    Having survived the first shock, the family can radicallyrebuild their lives. Many spouses are resolved to adopt and, if the decision was made with full awareness of the responsibility of this step, fully attain the joy of motherhood and fatherhood, and upon the earth one unhappy child becomes less ...
    Today, medicine has many facilities for the treatment of renal disease in pregnancy. The basis of treatment - antibiotic therapy, individually prescribed by the physician.

    That doctor must decide in each individual case can help the woman, and not to harm the child.

    Pregnancy with polycystic kidney disease

    And now let us turn to this innatediseases such as polycystic kidney disease. This malformation can cause during pregnancy, the occurrence of pyelonephritis, increased blood pressure, worsening of renal function. For this reason, the question of whether or not to give birth to give birth, the girls decided, after careful examination. Survey permits in advance in addition to identify the risk factors: infection, decrease in kidney function, etc. It is possible that a woman with such an anomaly of the kidneys as polycystic have to do a caesarean section.
    Surgical correction of anomalies of bodiesurine from pregnant women, which belongs to the polycystic kidney disease and usually do not produce, limited symptomatic medication.
    It must be remembered that polycystic kidney disease is especially dangerous complications such as chronic kidney failure. In this condition, it is possible - the pregnancy may be contraindicated.
    Women who suffer from kidney disease, withwhom pregnancy is contraindicated, it is necessary to protect themselves. To this should be operated, mechanical protection (condom, diaphragm), IUDs, but not hormonal contraceptive pill.

    Hormonal contraceptives affect the process of blood coagulation, support the inflammation in the kidney tissues, contribute to high blood pressure, and thereby exacerbate the disease.

    It may seem that all the data sad thingsThey were told to intimidate pregnant women and women planning pregnancy. Far from it. My main task - to bring to the consciousness of their indisputable, but not for all the obvious truth: kidney - very seriously. Meru responsibility of a woman who is planning to have a baby, reportedly "can not be overestimated", for this reason:

    • Even if you have never suffered nephrologicaldisease or ill sometime long ago, and are convinced that the disease is completely gone, planning a pregnancy or to learn about it, be sure to inspect the kidneys. (Most often quite a urine test; however, the doctor will give you all the necessary requirements).
    • If the kidneys do not you all right, however,doctors believe that pregnancy is possible - Be extremely careful, observe all instructions of professionals from this depends the life and health of your unborn baby, but as well as your life and health - as well.
    • If doctors categorically state thatPregnancy is not possible - they will surely have to the most compelling reasons. Do not risk any future child, or yourself - send all the forces out to build their lives on the basis of inability to bear and give birth to a child. Remember, this does not mean that you can not grow and raise a child!

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