Treatment of cystitis in women


Treatment of cystitis in womenCystitis - inflamed bladder diseaseMore common in women than in men. This feature of the spread due to the presence of women in the short and wide urethra, contributing to the rapid penetration of infection into the bladder. Bladder Inflammation - Disease unpleasant but relatively secure, except hemorrhagic cystitis (sanies urine) and reflux (backward movement of urine from the bladder into the urinary ducts towards the kidneys). Reflux can cause the development of pyelonephritis (inflammation of the renal pelvis).

Cystitis can occur in chronic and acuteform. If left untreated acute cystitis or treat it properly, it will enter the chronic inflammatory process. For chronic form characterized by recurrent exacerbation alternating with remission. With timely treatment to a specialist (gynecologist or urologist) mucositis is restored within a few days. In addition to chronic and acute, distinguish bacterial and non-bacterial, infectious and noninfectious cystitis.

Causes and symptoms of inflammation of the bladder in women

Female cystitis may develop at different ages. Occurrence of inflammation in the bladder mucosa by the following factors:

  • hypothermia (mainly the pelvis, while sitting in the cold, for example);
  • sedentary work;
  • constipation;
  • acute and Refried food;
  • uncured diseases of the genitourinary system, and chronic inflammatory processes;
  • failure to comply with hygiene rules;
  • tight clothing;
  • refraining from urinating;
  • physical load on his back and injuries.

Recognize cystitis is not very difficult: it always starts with the acute form, which is expressed in the frequent and painful urination. Pain mainly observed in the pubic region. Urine may become turbid and contain sukrovichnye selection. When exacerbations occur fever, nausea and vomiting.

Diagnosis and treatment of cystitis in women

Diagnosis and treatment of cystitis in womenFor the diagnosis and treatment of bladder inflammationBubble is necessary to consult a gynecologist or urologist. Cystitis is diagnosed through a blood test results and general urine and cystoscopy. Treatment depends on the type and characteristics of the disease. Experts usually prescribe antibiotics, physiotherapy and bed rest with ample drinking, and proper nutrition. Cystitis in pregnant women instillation of antibiotics substitute bladder. Self cystitis dangerous for future health. To eliminate the symptoms and not let go inflammation in a chronic form, it is recommended to address to the urologist. For the prevention of suitable reception lacto-and bifidobacteria: they have a beneficial effect on the prevention of urinary tract infection.

There is a surgical method for the treatment of cystitis. This method of treatment in the presence of relevant disease which can not be eliminated with medicines, but promotes cystitis. Examples of such pathologies are bladder stones, urethral stricture (narrowing) and tumors. As surgery in cystitis received widespread dilation (widening) of the urethra.

If we turn to traditional medicine in the treatment ofCystitis can help cranberry juice, parsley, fennel, pine needles and birch bath. Cranberry juice helps prevent re-occurrence of cystitis, along with it this function is performed broths of parsley and dill. The beneficial effects of having a bath with needles of spruce or pine, birch leaves and sage. Remember that the ground and the right treatment you can only assign a urologist (a gynecologist).

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