Urethritis: diagnosis and treatment


  • Urethritis, diagnosis of urethritis
  • urethritis Treatment

  • Urethritis, diagnosis of urethritis

    Urethritis - an inflammation of the urethra.
    Urethritis occurs in both men and women. Urethritis are divided into two
    groups: specific and non-specific urethritis. specific
    urethritis are caused by sexually transmitted infections (STIs -
    gonococcus, herpes simplex virus, chlamydia, trichomonas,
    mycoplasma, ureaplasma, rarely gardnerella. Non-specific urethritis
    caused by conditionally pathogenic microflora - streptococci,
    staphylococci, E. coli, Proteus, different fungi.

    Also, urethritis can be primary and secondary.
    In primary urethritis inflammatory process begins
    directly to the urethra. In secondary urethritis
    the infection enters the urethra from the inflammatory center, existing in
    other organs (prostate, bladder, seminal vesicles
    and etc.).

    Contributing factors:

    • Immunosuppression
    • supercooling
    • Common diseases
    • Sexually promiscuous

    The symptoms of urethritis:

    • frequent, painful urination;
    • discharge (pus, mucus);
    • mandatory (imperative) urge to urinate up to
      non-withholding of urine. In acute urethritis picture of the disease is more pronounced than in chronic.

    Signs of urethritis are painful
    urinating and pus from the urethra,
    redness and sticking the edges of its external opening. also shown
    urethritis rezyu, burning, itching or any other discomfort during

    Urethritis: diagnosis and treatment
    Urethritis may occur without discharge from
    urethra only discomfort when urinating. In men,
    because of anatomical features (a long and narrow urethra) more
    acutely felt symptoms of urethritis. In women, the symptoms of urethritis
    less pronounced and may even go unnoticed.

    In acute urethritis - a burning sensation and pain at
    urination, copious discharge from the urethra, the sponge
    urethra bright red, edematous.
    When torpid urethritis - subjective disorders are mild,
    may be absent: paresthesia, itching in the urethra,
    meager selection. In chronic urethritis symptoms similar to
    clinical manifestations of torpid urethritis.

    Total urethritis is just inflammation
    urethra. Symptoms are similar to those of total urethritis
    symptoms of prostatitis. If timely treatment is not carried out
    urethritis, then after a while the symptoms may disappear themselves
    a. And as a rule, every next exacerbation passes more
    visible symptoms of urethritis. In the next step develop
    complications of urethritis.

    In men, urethritis often becomes inflamed
    prostate (prostatitis). When chlamydial urethritis and viral
    urethritis may develop Reiter's syndrome. It is also observed
    urethritis following complications: inflammation of the seminal vesicles
    (Vesicles), inflammation of the testicles (orchitis), balanitis and balanoposthitis, narrowing
    urethra (urethral stricture). Women often
    urethritis enters bladder inflammation (cystitis), or is
    violation of the microflora of the vagina, and other inflammatory diseases
    urinary tract.

    Diagnosis of nonspecific urethritis includes:

    • general smear;
    • crop discharge from the urethra,
    • study of prostate cancer (prostate)
    • Ultrasound investigation of the secret of the prostate (prostate).

    urethritis Treatment

    urethritis treatment in most cases is reduced to
    prescription of antibiotics active against pathogen isolated
    at planting and the use of various means of immunotherapy. at
    identifying signs of prostatitis treatment of prostatitis is necessary. at
    combined with urethritis cystitis conducted comprehensive treatment,
    including physiotherapy. Local treatment is carried out mainly urethritis
    in chronic gonorrheal urethritis and apply instillation
    urethra solutions of silver nitrate solution or colloid silver.

    any type of urethritis, you must drink plenty of liquids, strict observance
    diet (with the exception of alcohol, spicy and salty foods). The total course of treatment
    urethritis can last from several days to several weeks,
    It depends on the severity of the disease and its stage.

    Urethritis refers to a group of diseases that
    It is much easier to prevent than to cure. Therefore, for the prevention
    urethritis is important to observe good personal hygiene, sexual health and
    promptly treat various inflammatory and infectious general
    disease. In casual relationships need to use a condom
    and barrier means. For the prevention of urethritis should be regularly
    to be tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

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