Varicose veins: there is a solution!


But, unfortunately, few people can theseboast of. There is an interesting statistic - Today a third of women and more than 10% of men suffer from varicose veins, the disease is much younger. Increasingly, "victims" of varicose veins are not middle-aged, and twenty-five - thirty-year people. The disease is insidious for its complications.

How to recognize varicose veins? What are the symptoms?

Varicose veins: there is a solution!Varicose veins do not occur suddenly. Independently assess the state of their veins on the basis of the early symptoms of the disease will help you to test the control of veins. As a rule, the disease develops gradually, and if you think about carefully to yourself and watch your health, the varicose veins will not go unnoticed, and thus you will be able to disarm him in the beginning. The first signs that you should pay attention - this is swelling, pain, fatigue, heaviness of the legs, often, night cramps in the calves. By the same external signals are "Spider veins""Cobwebs" or "mesh" as well as various seals in the legs and protruding veins (more safely remove "Spider veins" You can see here.

Often, people blithely refer to thesemanifestations, which gives varices WHO opportunity to progress. Modern treatment methods allow doctors - phlebology to treat varicose veins at any stage, but it is better not to start.

How to choose a doctor?

So you alerted to any of the abovesymptoms, "star", protruding varicose veins do not allow to wear a short skirt, or in the evening favorite boots are too narrow for swollen legs? Finally, you've decided to see a specialist, but how not to be mistaken with the choice of a doctor?

Various magazines and websites are full of advertisingmedical centers and companies involved in the treatment of varicose veins, and you this stream ads, you need to take odno.Dlya order not to harm their health, use some owl-ing. At first, Focus on phlebological specialized clinicsAs a rule, there is all the necessary equipment and applied modern methods of treatment. Secondly, pay attention to length of service of doctors and the clinic itself: Without a doubt, will cause more trust center, working at least 10 years. ThirdlyRemember that professional institution enters into an agreement with the patients, in particular, medical check-up after treatment and, therefore, is responsible for the provision of health services and their quality! And, last but dumb-lovazhny advice can again refer to the Internet and read reviews and recommendations patients already passed the course of treatment.

On the treatment of varicose veins.

At the initial stage of the disease, doctors - phlebologistsusing non-surgical, and most importantly, painless and effective treatments, "protivovarikoznye stockings", sclerotherapy, laser tehnologii.V cases where surgery can not do without at-changing sparing minimally invasive surgery technology vein.
Each method has its advantages anddisadvantages, its indications for use and only an experienced doctor, based on accurate ultrasound can pick up individual treatment strategy. The fact that varicosity has a wide variety of clinical forms and selection method, the physician takes into account the expanded diameter of the vein, its length, and the anatomical localization of the venous system. Also important details such as the patient's lifestyle, age.

Remember that only your respect for their health and timely access to specialists allow for a treatment without surgery.

Varicose veins: there is a solution!

Varicose veins: there is a solution!

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